10 Quickest Cars of 1970: Muscle Car Of The Week Episode #201


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This week, we take a look back at the top 10 quickest Muscle Cars as reported by various car magazines from 1970! These aren’t OUR recorded numbers, but …


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  1. mrd john says:

    You knew Hemi ruled the streets in the sixties and seventies if you were in high school during those years and mopar rules the street once again with the new Hellcats !

  2. Jed Kleebaum says:

    I got sad for a sec when the challenger was 2, but then I rejoiced when the Cuda was 1. Love them cudas.

  3. Andrew B says:

    Say what you want but Hemi is king!

  4. randy beard says:

    The Chevy impala 409 was the Fastest Car in its Era of Muscle cars…

  5. shlok gupta says:

    There is no dodge charger in this list !

  6. GearHeadism says:

    I can't believe there's no Oldsmobiles or Pontiacs 🙁

  7. The hemi had 510 hp 440 six pack had 440 hp both can go 12 sec.


  9. Wow a top 10 quickest list from 70 that doesn't include 10 of the quickest from 70 maybe 3 but not 10.

  10. Ed F booboo says:

    Having the Chevelle three times was just stupid

  11. I recall that a limited number of Camaro SSs were made that could do 1/4 mile in less than 13sec

  12. How did the corvettes rate, or would they have blown the doors off of the aforementioned cars?

  13. Some Bloke says:

    And the Chevelle beater back in the day was a 1970 Mercedes 300SEL 6.3,. Went round corners too

  14. Cole Roberts says:

    I don’t see a 70’ nova super sport L78 396/375? That belongs there!

  15. Dale Andrews says:

    I know they were way down on performance by 1970, but on looks alone, the 1970 GTO in my book had them all out styled! Believe it or not, I did not go for the GTO Judges racing decals and all that jazz. To me, they looked too cartoonish. Just put the performance in one called "The Judge" with some type of rocker identification and leave it at that. Anyone else agree? BTW, I've had 3 GTO's: a '66, 68 and '67 in that order. All were pure factory super stock.

  16. Kirk Schmidt says:

    Molars ruled the street that's a proven fact

  17. Kirk Schmidt says:

    If u noticed the hemi appeared 3 times and was #1

  18. james smith says:

    Wrong you did not include and of the COPO cars

  19. 5:34 so thats the special 'hidden' car from ps1 driver2 in the baseball stadium of chicago!

  20. I am a Serious Mopar fan! I've owned 3 challengers, one70 Superbee and a 71 Charger. I do however appreciate the 70 Chevelles, GTOs , the70 Torinowas a good looking car. The Buick Gransport455 also looked good in1970. Ithink 1970was the pinnacle for body styles on all these cars….Cuda..Superbird..the CycloneSpoiler

  21. tlt40s&w 70 says:

    Whats sad is in 1987 the 3.8 v6 put all these monsters to waste. The Buick Grand National GNX with 300+ up and over 300+ torque and turned a 0 to 60 run in 4.9 sec and 1/4 Mile run in a little over 12 seconds all with unleaded gas and restricted exhaust. Wow how technology had changed in 17 years. This Buick was just as fast as the Ferrari which only turn a time of 5.2 sec on a 0 to 60 run. So to all us gear heads its not the size of your engine it's how you use the technology in hand. Saturn which was a off brand of GM, designed and built the eco tech that produced over 230 hp in there red line series of ions.

  22. Great memories for me, yes tires were the big factor back then. I really enjoyed this video. Thanks

  23. beloog99 says:

    How on Earth do you have the resources to buy all those cars yet you don't have the resources to rent a drag strip for a day? Come on…

  24. steve driver says:

    great information of a great time

  25. Not too bad at all for fresh off the assembly line stock vehicles with no mods done to them.The old cars are awesome .If I had an old non numbers matching muscle car I would be considering putting modern technology under the skin.It would be more dependable and safe but still look cool on the outside.

  26. yokoshemp says:

    My first car was a '68 Cutlass. Loved those old cars. Fast was not always the "muscle" cars. A four door Chevy Impala just might be packing a 427 under the hood… stock. I know where there is just that car in running condition… blue… no rust… bastard ain't selling either.

  27. julio lopez says:

    where is the 429 boss?

  28. grngs1 says:

    You can see the Buicks display of torque SERIOUS wheel spin in 1st and 2 nd whereas the other cars struggled to turn 'em

  29. C moore says:

    Being 68 years old, I grew up in that era. I really think there are two reasons why we remember the cars being faster than they were the first being that all we could compare it to were other cars of that era and the slugs that followed in the70's. Secondly, the combination of bad tires, bad handling and bad fuel and spark delivery. Todays cars just track so much better a mid 13 today doesn't even raise your pulse. In 1970 it really did.

  30. vikotto says:

    To this day I've never understood why these cars have never been retested for the 1/4 mile runs. I'm sure an original example of each of these cars can be hunted down and tested. Could you imagine how cool of a magazine article that would be?

  31. I owned a 1970 442 W-30 455/370H.P. 500 plus FT. Pounds of Torque. Hemi's or 440's I was glad to see pull up next to me at the 1/4 Mile Track, I knew I didn't have to really beat my 442 that Bad!! But,, When a 1970 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE SS LS-6 454 pulled up next to me, I knew their was a Very good chance I was going to Lose!!

  32. The A12 Roadrunner was recorded @ 12.91 in the 1/4 mile I do believe. I think it was Super Stock Magazine who tested it.

  33. hamshussein says:

    I'm actually genuinely shocked to see not a single Charger here, see lots of her cousins and siblings but not a single Charger.Odd.

  34. lrak nosdunk says:

    what no ls7? or zl1 camaro? or theres even 1 zl1 corvette i think it ran 10.80 @ 128 sup?
    chevy big block ruled even though 3 of the port configurations on eachy head flowewd backwards not the same 2 flow good 2 dont5, they made up for it by chantering valve angel . but still ran away from the direct flowing hemi headed block cracker

  35. TJ FORGEY says:

    Where are the pontiacs,they were in there somewhere

  36. Saber Wolf says:

    Can everyone just say this real quick these are all damn good cars and in my opinion a cars value is how much it means to you, the joy it brings you

  37. BigFuck You says:

    Well I guess that 77 Gremlin I had wouldn't have been able to keep up

  38. Eddy Smith says:

    The green Roadrunner shown was given mention as a 1970,but it looks like it's a "69 A-12 to me?

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