20 Best Muscle cars of all time


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20 best Muscle Cars ever, I dont own the pics or the copyright to any music.


40 Replies to “20 Best Muscle cars of all time”

  1. Great vid. Love the cars. My all time fav has to be a 69 Camaro in hugger orange. Glad the maro got in the top 5 for ya.

  2. That's all personal preference lol

  3. I'm a ford guy but all of the muscle of the late 1960's and early 1970's were so awesome! My favorite year is 1969 every auto maker had an awesome looking car! Charger, Chevelle, Camaro, Mustang love them all!

  4. forgot the dodge dart:(

  5. Joe MaMa says:

    My dad had a 69 Torino with a 351 Cleveland that kick ass.

  6. Mcleod0000 says:

    You missed the 1980 Buick century probably should have been just under the chevelle 454

  7. 1969 dodge charger DAYTON 1. 2 1970 Plymouth super Bird. 3 1971 Plymouth cuda.

  8. Apparently the judge of this contest is all about the Chrysler corporation. lol

  9. Don Dressel says:

    At least half of these aren’t even muscle cars

  10. avman1339 says:

    Good video, good choices. I'm not into "country" music, but really like Southern Rock and the Kid Rock song was cool. I have a 70 V-Code Roadrunner 440 6bbl 5-speed. Yellow and black like the first one in the video.

  11. Ford Mustang always be the 👑

  12. A Mianaby says:

    That gt500 is fs $500k

  13. 71 1/2 SS396 Camaro….67 GTO.

  14. Blackie L says:

    Take the Buick GNX over any, always been my Dream Car. Only 547 ever made!

  15. Keith Tucker says:

    Good video. But there is no real winner. We love them all. No matter what side were on… they don't make the like the used to.

  16. Jakob Palmer says:

    What about the 55 thunderbird. It is faster than most cars on this list

  17. CaddyPro'59 says:

    Number 20 is garbage, throw it right out. Pontiac GTO '64 deserve to be here more than a late 80s junk.

  18. 4:30 its not just a car.. its John Wick's car Sir! 😁

  19. All 426 hemi and Boss 429 is always the winner.

  20. SSmaro says:

    '69 Charger is awesome!! but camaro z28 is my fav

  21. Reece634 says:

    where the fuck is the 396 1967 chevelle?

  22. Reece634 says:

    LMFAO 69 gto???? so fucking ugly. 1967 gto 400 4 speed forever is best muscle car of all time, followed by 69 dart and 69 road runner/gtx

  23. Dodge Charger! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Nic lundry says:

    My dad had a Buick Grand national when he was 15 he had to wait until he was 16 to drive it and the third day he had his drivers license he wrecked his Buick Grand national but he paid for the damages on the car and then for some stupid reason he sold it he could of gave it to me for my first car

  25. 100% AGREE WITH 1ST PLACE ^^ ♡ #Charger4life
    Who else agrees that in 60's were the Best cars ever made?

  26. Greg Akinson says:

    The fastest production car of the 1960's was the 1969 stingray with the optional 454 and it was an ss. Can you at least be accurate?

  27. 144filip says:

    i belive that you are 12 years old.

  28. gerry greene says:

    1962 409 chevy , 1962 406 Ford. Started the ball rolling.

  29. lil clip says:

    sadly dodge ruined the dodge dart

  30. john cook says:

    graduated in 69, had a 69 chevelle ss and 69 roadrunner, both gorgeous cars,i think the roadrunner was the fastest!

  31. Love the Amx n Cougar 2 sleeper's

  32. Harry Götz says:

    Nice Video, but i missed the 1967 Plymouth Bevedere 440…

  33. anmol gill says:

    Gorgeous video make more please

  34. metatrondon says:

    How come the corvette was so low on the list

  35. Great cars, thanks. Except the music blows.

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