2014 Subaru Outback Collision Repair Time Lapse

Watch as we transform this smashed 2014 Subaru Outback in to a beautiful car again.

19 Replies to “2014 Subaru Outback Collision Repair Time Lapse”

  1. TheRebelOne says:

    An excellent professional repair. No back street corners cut here. Great job.👍

  2. whats going on here this is more than collision repair

  3. Gen15 says:

    All that work to replace a couple doors and a fender? No one my repair bill gets so high. D:

  4. Axzx xzxA says:

    Why did you guys open up the the driver, center, and passenger consoles?

  5. The cleaning the car at the end not needed!

  6. Would of preferred a slower video to watch exactly what's going on. Brushes over the interesting and critical stages too fast!

  7. Shaun Little says:

    a couple of questions is the bodyman flat rate? and how many hours was the job?

  8. same . just like our car Honda city 2016

  9. Mirco Grison says:

    That color difference between the bumpers and the new paint job is ridiculous. So bad

  10. Raul Lopez says:

    How much those a job like that cost

  11. So how long did it take to finish this job?

  12. Now this is how it should be done!!!

  13. Josh Sweet says:

    I love the pro spot welder. we use the i4 in our shop and it makes for a much cleaner safer faster repair.

  14. David Camou says:

    Wow that looks like a ton of work! Nice job!

  15. nice job to bad insurance companies are owned by freemasons having there secret meetings setting low labor rates most direct repair centers are owned by these people fixing cars for zero profit owners are on percent markup over cost .average pay for tech is 15hr on flat rate so techs basically don't get paid for every hr they work.to learn more about these people look up on you tube bill cooper mystery Babylon series

  16. Great job, will done

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