2017 Abandoned Muscle Cars Around The World


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A compilation of cars and a few trucks lost in the woods. Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dIRD9MXmPA.


16 Replies to “2017 Abandoned Muscle Cars Around The World”

  1. Whoever is out there I've actually seen that GTO in person I'm the one who found that that's in Virginia

  2. MACH MAN 1 says:

    In what world is a Volkswagen bug a muscle car?

  3. 😰😭😥😭😣😢

  4. Jimmy Hamm says:

    God only knows how many millionaires are out there that could save these cars. And bring them back to there former glory.

  5. on the roofs says:

    We need to bring them back to life

  6. John Lauland says:

    Tragic. Especially to see really rare ones like torino's, super bees, gto etc just rotting away and once beautiful machines. I'd love to find one to restore.

  7. Nice music sad love the mustang

  8. Mike Roberts says:

    Never shows locations,surely some can be bought

  9. romdre 81 says:

    I cant stand the fact that ppl just let these prized gems just sit in a field and rot n waste away its sickening

  10. Part 2 is now up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dIRD9MXmPA
    If you enjoy these videos please like and subscribe so that I know to make more!! Cheers everyone!

  11. Steve Gibbs says:

    I appreciate your time thank you. I would love find a 1960 ford strainer to restore

  12. Steve Gibbs says:

    Was Where are these cars located where is the Terino located

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