3M Panel Adhesive Rust Hole, ‘Hack N’ Pack’, Auto Body Repair


Body Repair

3M Panel Adhesive Rust Hole, ‘Hack N’ Pack’, Auto Body Repair. This is one of the best, easiest and faster auto-body repair tricks out there. You will get a …

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  1. So, I have seen repairs using expandable foam. Could you prep the inside with rust reverser and then use undercoating spray or primer. Then, after the underlying area is rust free and sealed, use the expandable foam and then trim appropriately to make the shape you want.

    After that, apply the panel adhesive on the foam and use the scotch tape like mentioned in the video.

    So, the inside of the rocker panel is treated and water proof, the risk of using foam, to me, would be minimal since water inside it would no longer be an issue.

    Would love input

  2. scott says:

    is that a Jersey accent or a New York accent

  3. Don Desnoo says:

    Aluminum waterproof tape & body filler tuck wall Mart 8$ house paint Dept .paint inside w.aluminum roof coat last 20yrs.ace hardware will make an enamel w .rust prevents match your paint 10$quart good to brush lower areas ng.sunny areas.

  4. Peter L says:

    How are you getting it out of the container in even amounts without using the special gun they sell? This stuff is about $80 up here in Canada.

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