5 American Performance Muscle Cars Americans Didn’t Notice


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This video features 5 American Performance Muscle Cars Americans Didn’t Notice. If you wanna know which are 5 American Performance Muscle Cars …


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  1. Joe Blow says:

    3:41 At the time, a nice little G.T.O.

  2. Serioulsy!? No mention of the Ford Torino!? C'mon now.

  3. 4yules says:

    dodge dart gtx..duster 340 …anything with a 340 was fast and overlooked mostly

  4. Joshua Wood says:

    So, no one noticed a Challenger with a 340, cool story bro.

    Also, the 1971 had california emission controls, and lower compression so no, it did not have 340 FPT.
    Stopped the video right there.

  5. VH2015 says:

    Dodge Demon and Mercury Marauder was bad ass.

  6. GTO really its a glorified nova with some ventura bolt ons

  7. The demon wasn't forgotten. Seeing that Dodge adopted the name into a new Challenger variant that they're coming out with. And the Demon was basically the Dart just changed. Which the Dart of course was the Dodge version of the Plymouth Duster.

  8. AnnaAnnaYes says:

    Have to Disagree.ALL Of these cars were Noticed!!

  9. no one says:

    what the demon racing against ??

  10. one other thing please keep the ID of car up whole time. I never had heard of one of these. Strictly an elite site we got here. thanks

  11. best sight around even for a guy who went to jail dragging with his '64 289 merc cyclone. Awesome

  12. Brian Kehew says:

    Awful fugly wheels on most of those, like a HUGE nose on a gorgeous face. Uck….

  13. Tj Landry says:

    The Pontiac Ventura was a Chevy Nova with a nose job.

  14. 1)demon and duster sold over one million cars from 1970/75 but no one knew about them,right?
    2)a buick wildcat isnt a musclecar,its a cruiser.its a land boat
    3)chevelles and malibus sold hundreds of thousands of units,everyone knew what they were.
    4)mercury marauder isnt a musclecar,the early ones were boats and they are mainly cruisers
    5)chevy nova,pontiac ventura,pontiac acadian,buick appolo were all well known musclecars.

  15. why does a ventura looks like a Chevrolet nova

  16. these aren't forgotten muscle cars because they were never considered muscle cars in the first place. the big cars on this list were full sized when muscle cars are midsized. the small cars on this list did not have musclecar engines.

  17. The Laguna was an awful car. That may be the nicest one left. GM uses cool names for poor cars.

  18. Strobo 555 says:

    What car is on the thumbnail?

  19. I agree with all your other listings, but the Demon is most certainly not forgotten. Everyone still sees em at car shows

  20. Demon. Wildcat. Marauder. Ventura GTO. Memories of my youth. A neighbor of mine long time ago, had a Camaro IROC-Z, and her brother had a '67 Wildcat convertible, both were clean.

  21. John Mcinnes says:

    F your quiet at. night you can hear a Ford rust

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