5 Cheapest Muscle Cars You Can Buy Today


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This video features 5 Cheapest Muscle Cars You Can Buy Today. If you wanna know which are 5 Cheapest Muscle Cars You Can Buy Today watch this video …


33 Replies to “5 Cheapest Muscle Cars You Can Buy Today”

  1. me says:

    dont know where your getting you stats from but there off

  2. YuckFou502 says:

    Those are mid-west junkyard prices. They'd probably have an engine and tranny but no title lol

  3. 69 nova for 7,000? Ha! Show me that right now. You know why? It won't be in running condition

  4. but that is according to a quick run through on ebay.

  5. the nova is somewhat accurate at long as look at the 1970 or 1972 models, for some reason they are cheaper.

  6. Tyler W says:

    Dodge dart and chevy impala WHATT HAPPENED

  7. CaddyPro'59 says:

    Only the 3 first count. The last 2 are not from the manliness era of american muscle.

  8. I had a 1969 Nova SS but it was a L78 396 4 speed, same blue color. That car wasn't cheap even in 2000.

  9. dan sloan says:

    someone is living under a rock!

  10. mean sob er says:

    Lol buicks Cheap. Try and build one with nothing but buick parts and tell me they are cheap to restore

  11. Mustang Rt says:

    can't even get a V6 in europe, there isn't shit there

  12. a fuckin nova is not cheap my grandpa bought his for 30000

  13. in2food says:

    Skylark 350, 190 hp a muscle car? LOL

  14. I was lucky enough to buy a 1977 triple black cutlass all original 15yrs ago for 500.00 factory 350 rocket still drive it from time to time and it gets down the road pretty quick lots of folks have offered me good money for it but it's part of the family someday my grandson will own it he helps me wash and wax it and loves to ride and loves the sound when we got get on the highway he laughs when I put the go pedal on the floor and it push's him back in the seat I get a kick out of hearing him say do it again pawpaw

  15. letsroll says:

    all these cars are very expensive and slow as fk

  16. You couldn't find a skylark with a decent paint job? Geez.

  17. Josh Miller says:

    What about the 305 Incher? 1985-1987….305 horsepower .

  18. third gen camaros and fox body mustangs? GAY!

  19. We should remake these cars that way others can continue to enjoy them at an affordable price.

  20. Ny Chan says:

    What about the number 80

  21. charles carl says:

    Go up to michigan you can still find cheap cars but beware the rust, here in Texas everyone must be smoking crack, 3rd gen camaros and firebirds 10,000.00 mustangs the same, My buddy up there asked Me to find him a car here I told him not towaste his time.

  22. bdd1469 says:

    What are you ? Fucking retarted? Why is your mother letting you play on the internet? A 1974 mopar with a weazin 360 is not a muscle car, dumb fuck.
    The only car that could even be close to a muscle car in 74 was the superduty trans am. A fox body mustang is not a fucking muscle car…Hell, why not a granada with a 302 as an affordable "muscle car"….. you fucking idiots…..
    A 69 nova ss in not an affordable muscle car. An iroc camaro is not a muscle car period.
    You truly are dumb as a brick and know nothing about muscle cars.

  23. Herb Wandrei says:

    Buicks with 400 or 4:55 was a muscle car Pontiac 389 400 455 we're muscle cars Oldsmobiles 400 455 were muscle cars Mopars 383 400 440 s and of course hemis we're muscle cars Ford 390 406 427 428 429 or muscle cars AMC 390 and bigger we're muscle cars Novus with 350 s Buicks with 350s all of the crap even the Mopars with a34 is more muscle cars do your research before you write stupid articles and put them on fucking YouTube

  24. Herb Wandrei says:

    muscle cars by definition where cars that had big block Motors or cubic inch capacity over 362 370 cubic inches no big block cars were considered muscle cars they were considered Pony cars everybody write these articles I guess you're too young to know any better but go back in time with an old magazines and stuff like that every channel muscle cars or medium-sized Passenger cars with Big Blocks

  25. Daavidrc says:

    Chevy nova, the love of my life !

  26. Mark Samek says:

    nova cheap… what????

  27. NeonXX7 says:

    the car noise in your intro sounds like someone muted the bass

  28. Gage H. says:

    The 80s Camaro's taillights are the best thing about it, they look like the late 70s Firebird's and the DeLorean's put together.

  29. birdy gaming says:

    sorry but the nova ss is not cheap anymore

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