5 Fantastic Muscle Cars For Under $5,000


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Are you thinking you can no longer afford a good conditioned muscle car for under $5000. Think again! Even though classic and modern muscle car prices have …


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  1. fractalign says:

    Yet another reason why the eighties was the worst decade for automotive production.

  2. the unfortunate thing about the 1986 mustang is that because it was the first year for fuel injection, the efi system on the 86 was complete garbage. if you want an 80s mustang, go for the 1985 model.

  3. My mom had a 68 camaro 78 camaro 89 or 98 camaro and a 78 mustang

  4. the tire sizes for 82-84 GT's were not 14', but rather 390 mm TRX tires

  5. V8gas says:

    When I think of muscle cars, I think of golden era 60's muscle cars. Real muscle cars, and I mean not crappy looking 80's muscle car wannabes. These are pretty great deals for under 5,000, but I wouldn't pay a dime for one of these. I'd rather just get me a Crown Victoria, then save up the rest of the money for a real golden era muscle car like a Challenger, or a Chevelle. I'm sorry to anyone who likes fox bodies or Irocs, but they just don't really appeal to me as a muscle car, and look more like a car you'd find with a crappy flame paint job in a trailer park.

  6. My first car was a 66 mustang. I wrapped it around a tree. Bought a 68 galaxie after that and still have it.

  7. fl6stringer says:

    Well, that was depressing.

  8. ISkaTe 58 says:

    Last time i looked at a price for a 1978 dodge magnum, i couldnt find one in good shape for under 5k… sorry, your source isn't reliable enough.
    My dad asked me if i wanted to trade my 1986 dodge ram for a 70% restored magnum, I immediately said no, since my truck has had 2-4 other owners, but i started my truck as a project last year, and i never wanted to sell it unfinished let alone sell it complete or untouched, finding an AE platform Dodge Ram (which were manufactured from 1981-1993) in as good of shape and with as low miles as mine does, it might as well be finding a 69 Dodge Charger Daytona with 500 miles on the odometer. Ill never sell my truck for another car, id never forgive myself, another thing about that story, the guy who offered to trade was extremely excited to have my truck, and when my dad told him he couldnt have it, he was heartbroken, but i had no sympathy, because i knew my truck was in better shape, had less problems, and needed very little labor to get running, and here I am with it sitting outside under a car cover for winter, and im glad i never traded my truck. So thats my story and small criticism on your video

  9. U can't get any of those cars for 5,000, maybe from a Junkyard!! Sorry friend wrong information!? And I would bet any Money on it!!!

  10. kenz546 says:

    Under $5k? Where? In the junkyard??

  11. I'd have to agree with many of the comments here, that you would be hardpressed to find ANY of these so-called muscle cars on the road today, especially 35-40 years after their demise.

  12. SlyMagpie says:

    I bought a 1991 Ford LTD LX Crown Victoria and I absolutely love it.

  13. Dan Kirchner says:

    pontiac ste 6000 only had 2.8 v6 -fancy looking modelled after the saab's that year ,but slow as f

  14. St White says:

    Good video subscribed. You didn't mention the crappy opti-spark ignition on the Camaro LT1 engine.

  15. This is some quality click bait

  16. Joe Swan says:

    these cars could be made into sleepers with all the aftermarket products available today.especially the dodges.what about the 1966 -1970 Pontiac tempests/lemans?

  17. amsterob says:

    re-title: junk after 1973 for under 5 grand.

  18. monkey vibes says:

    I had a LTD LX with the 5.0 HO . Ported the heads , added 5.8 HO cam and converted to edelbrock intake and Holly 4 barrel . Definitely gained some performance but it was like putting lipstick on a pig. Swapped the engine and trans into a 74 Ford Courier . That little pickup was just scary after the swap and very difficult to out run

  19. MrCapi55 says:

    Glad to hear about "best handling notes" in an American car. I always thought of them (except Corvette of course), as straight line 0-60 machines.

  20. I gonna get my hands on the 84 Ltd lx

  21. I still have the '86 Trans Am WS6 305. Me and my father got it running last summer after I graduated high school to keep as a daily driver in college. It started with 34k and has 39k miles currently. Best car I've ever owned.

  22. Did u know the 87 to 93 fox bodies are only worth 3600 in Canadian

  23. Dumb Bo says:

    1978 dodge magnum gt 400 on ebay for $2,750

  24. they were garbage then, they are garbage now.

  25. Caleb Cobb says:

    Thank you for the information

  26. Marcus a says:

    Most of these cars are ugly af got my 69 nova for 1200$

  27. Bryce Winter says:

    great, useful video!

  28. Mike Slomski says:

    I bought a 64000 mile 1987 Monte Carlo SS 5 years ago. Original paint t top car. I paid 8000 dollars for a very nice example (7 time trophy winner including a best of show). I've seen 5000 dollar examples, but they're kind of beat.

  29. Someone want to link me a AD for an 80s Monte Carlo SS for under 5k in good condition? Cause I've never seen one.

  30. Matthew Poff says:

    Corvair should be on this list?

  31. That boss in the thumbnail doe

  32. 1996 offered some worthy upgrades to the LT1. mass airflow, sequential fuel injection, and OBD II were all added, the hp went up 10 hp. how do i know? i own one. i bought it for $3,000 4 years ago and use it as a daily summer driver. they handle well and they are a quick car, dollar for dollar. my car is high in miles and currently it has 235K on the clock but it came from california so for a 20 some year old car, there is little to no rust underneath and certainly not rotted like some that i looked at. i do not drive it in the winter.

  33. Another Dodge wud be the Aspen! And ONE of my favorite The Turbo z Daytona always liked them.

  34. My first car was n 86 mustang T tops with Flow Masters n a cam it did fly.

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