7 Forgotten Hot Muscle Cars Which You Must See


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This video features 7 Forgotten Hot Muscle Cars Which You Must See . If you wanna see 7 Forgotten Hot Muscle Cars Which You Must See watch this video and …


37 Replies to “7 Forgotten Hot Muscle Cars Which You Must See”

  1. Johnny B says:

    I'll take the belvedere

  2. LSC I Tube says:

    That first car,the white 1968 Buick Wildcat is actually for sale,the owner requires 25K$ to let it go … Great looking car !!!

  3. J Beckmann says:

    Laguna basically a Chevelle ain't it? any car after 73' was hindered due to emission restrictions. 200 horse in the 350 ventura? maybe the 307.

  4. Chevy Guy 76 says:

    For including the Laguna you've earned yourself a sub.

  5. BIG TOAD says:

    You shit me up the wall with the information on the car while you're trying to get a good look at the car. How about doing a separate information page first then go to pictures of the cars please

  6. I blew a 72Ventura "GTO" off the road with my 82TA/305 Crossfire Injection with Hypertech chip, and aftermarket exhaust.

  7. Model s the perfect drive by car.

  8. John deer says:

    70 mercury cyclone👍

  9. 426 hemi made 425 horsepower with some good tuning it could make 400 horsepower

  10. The Australian XA Falcon clearly took styling cues in the rear end from the Mercury Cyclone

  11. Don't count when they're not stock.

  12. bossfan49 says:

    That Wildcat was sweet. Too bad they put those ghetto ass wheels on it.

  13. Pontiac Venturas were awesome.

  14. Skyler Lucky says:

    The X-100 looked like it had HEI ignition..

  15. These people obviously don't care about their cars, I would gladly take on of those beauts instead of them getting wrapped around a tree when a burnout goes sideways

  16. Please learn what a muscle car is. Buick Wildcat, Plymouth Belvedere, and Mercury Marrauder, while they were all awesome cars, none of them fit the definition of small car with factory big engine that is muscle car.

  17. Feed Me says:

    I like everyone of those cars I like big cars when you drive they make you feel like you are in a tank….

  18. vanleer69 says:

    Coolest have to say the Demon (dart), only one that showed actually drag racing MOPAR A-bodies are pretty cool if u ask me.

  19. Robert Hayes says:

    I might have missed it; but I have not seen anything about of two of the cars I have owned.
    1968 Dodge charger 383 magnum,
    And 1969 Plymouth GTX 440 MAGNAM ?

  20. Since when did a big old boat mercury murauder,that bug old Buick tank and the 4 for car qualify as muscle cars.the rest are good ones and pretty much everyone knows them

  21. joey ramirez says:

    they quit making cars in 1972.

  22. fligemon says:

    Mercury Cyclone……….although a rebranded Ford it still had the goods.

  23. Those where stock numbers with mods could run in the 11s all day long ..

  24. How about a 1971 Javelin AMX factory 401 4 speed manual I own one and it could out run lot of the chevy's ford's and Pontiac's today they are not easy to find and the prices are up there depending on the condition

  25. He's just showing you some beaters he has in the garage, and he's calling them "The Hot Muscle Cars Which You Must See." Wrong title, it should say, "Junky cars I own and have in my garage".

  26. We didn't forget them, we just got tired of cars that only get 8 mpg and handle like shit!

  27. Who's forgotten the Dodge Demon?

  28. Tom Gates says:

    Brings back memories of my 72 Monte. 402 big block 4bbl. First time I passed a truck on the Hwy and it downshifted as the 4bbl kicked in, nearly had to crawl out of the back seat. 😂 Was a kick in the pants I wasn't expecting.

  29. firedash77 says:

    Buick Wildcat
    Chevy Laguna
    Mercury Cyclone Spoiler
    Plymouth Belvedere
    Pontiac Ventura GTO
    Dodge Demon
    Mercury Marauder X100

  30. Ms. Sonshine says:

    My favorites the Wildcat and the two Mercurys.

  31. mark sicotte says:

    line lock burn outs are lame-my mom's car can do it

  32. rhbramley says:

    Sorry, but I stand by what I wrote. Vehicles today are safer, more reliable, faster, last longer and are more useful. But, not as unique, not as personal. They are tools. But when my wife and kids are headed to visit the Grandparents (about 100 miles away) I don't care if they look "cool" I put them in the safest, most reliable vehicle I can afford.

  33. rhbramley says:

    For their time, they were unique. But let's be honest, a Tesla S could beat all of them from 0-60 by several seconds. As automobiles have advanced, so has speed, reliability, safety and comfort. I love these old muscle cars, but wouldn't want to drive one any length of time. When people say "they don't build em like they used to" they are correct, Thankfully.

  34. John L says:

    I hate when people do burnouts for like 7-8 minutes.  The coolest way is for like 15-20 seconds, then drive out of it.  You don't just sit still for an hour until your tires burn-off, that's excessive and not cool at all.

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