8 Cheapest Classic Muscle Cars You Can Buy Today


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This video featuresTop 10 Ugliest Cars Ever Built. If you wanna know which are Top 10 Ugliest Cars Ever Built watch this video and if you like the video hit the …


32 Replies to “8 Cheapest Classic Muscle Cars You Can Buy Today”

  1. Why some cars had puppy power chevy Monte Carlo is??!! 180 horse power $7,000 dollars worth really??

  2. Lloyd Dailey says:

    those 383 were tough engines !

  3. OddTimes says:

    Cheap until you put up vids like this.

  4. Magi Karp says:

    so all these cars are ugly? look in your description

  5. Moe Sizlac says:

    Video could be improved if your labels contained year as well as make and model.

  6. Pat Narciso says:

    Why no years of these cars?

  7. Cool Jesus says:

    They're cheap because they don't work.

  8. Ottomobile says:

    i like oldsmobile cutlass…badasss!

  9. monkey vibes says:

    I have a 69 Torino GT 429 car. Its definitely very fast but it isnt quick considering the lack of traction if punched at take off. Not exactly a car built for handling . But It sure is hard to pull away from if starting with a 40 mph roll .

  10. monkey vibes says:

    A factory 428 powered Ranchero is anything but cheap or easy to find lol

  11. what year was the Oldsmobile cutlass in the video?

  12. Ive always wanted the 1987 cutlass supreeme

  13. SAMUEL ADAMS says:

    ……….A four door Plymouth Fury is considered a muscle car since when? LOL

  14. Sees Buick Riviera

    "8k? That's nice"

    Goes to see my countrys prices


  15. Omicron says:

    Non of them is under 35,000$ in my fucking primal country Im not joking

  16. sabaloo jaishwar thakur coplex kandiwali east 4001

  17. Personally, I think all these cars are beautiful old beasts – just what they were designed and built for in their day. Power to the people who keep them alive !   I am in England and have a twelve year old Skoda estate that when re-chipped is making 200bhp and 253 ftlbs of torque – not bad for a 1781cc engine that is turbo-charged. Now if you could re-engineer those beautiful V8's to the same power-output-to displacement ratios you would have everyday cars making 700bhp and 900 torque…. Tom Nelson and many others are doing it now…….

  18. З says:

    Olldsmobile Cutlass look very cool, but I preffer Ford Mustang 69.

  19. Henchman zzz says:

    4:50 thang sound good , that will make everyone call police

  20. Henchman zzz says:

    lol blue joint was slow

  21. Thomas Smith says:

    Well…you've expanded the definition of "muscle car" to mean "anything with a V-8"

  22. Ich habe einen buick riveara

  23. Matthew Poff says:

    Where is the Chevrolet Nova?

  24. Sniped says:

    Chevrolet MC was disappointing

  25. These are all $80,000 plus in Australia

  26. Mark Reallz says:

    I found it funny that every single car on this list is 20K 😡

  27. Golden Eagle says:

    My dad has a 1970 Oldsmobile cutlass

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