8 Most Powerful Classic Muscle Cars That Made Way More Horsepower Than Advertised


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This video features 8 Most Powerful Classic Muscle Cars That Made Way More Horsepower Than Advertised. If you wanna know which are 8 Most Powerful …


32 Replies to “8 Most Powerful Classic Muscle Cars That Made Way More Horsepower Than Advertised”

  1. Cam Man says:

    Never mind they actually said cobra

  2. Cam Man says:

    Why did I see chevy heads on a cobra jet motor

  3. John Sampson says:

    And the explanatory text is real shit. White on red? Gimme a break!

  4. John Sampson says:

    Why can't these home cameramen/women keep a camera steady? Things just get loss with the shakes!

  5. Fred C says:

    Way more horsepower? Other than the 428CJ and L88 they were all only about 10% higherthan their factory ratings. I have never heard that the ratings were low for any reason but insurance or racing class purposes. It wasn't like they didn't know what they produced.

  6. Vin D says:

    My '69 GTO was not a "Judge," but it did have the 428, and it was a real beast.

  7. I can almost smell the exhaust listening to those exhaust notes.

  8. OG Abz says:

    I'm gonna guess the Ford falcon Xy gtho phase 3 won't be here. The first picture taken was doctored to show less revs and less speed. Not only that it was said that it had less hp then it actually did. Making over 400hp and made in 1970.

  9. I miss my 69 440 wedge crown imperial brogrham

  10. REGIS Mk.V says:

    Muscle cars look great on the outside but are shit on the inside just like most Americans in person

  11. Bruce Miller says:

    What an awesome loop scavenged 2 stroke through the valves this could be. its already there with the correct valve timing, Brap

  12. Charger Dave says:

    I sure do 😍 them Mopar beastskyxngxgmxbchzntzchulxmyxhchkxykddmh… sorry… my penis knocked my 📱 out of my ✋

  13. Dave LaBute says:

    There shouldn't be a 440 six pack in a 68 charger not til 1970 for six pack chargers.

  14. Joe Mama says:

    I want a charger sooo bad.

  15. why the 396 and not the 454? 454 was rated at 450hp and 500 ft lbs when really it went all the way up to 6500-7000 and made close to 500hp and 600ft lbs

  16. Al Alan says:

    Why can't they make cars like these anymore?? 🙁

  17. fang check says:

    them where  the days ?     & the girls

  18. Jimmy Butler says:

    Omg the chevy Chevelle is my dream car

  19. 69 Charger stripe delete car plus wrong stripe

  20. 427 psssst bullshit! hemi's made way moe hp than 470 !

  21. Quentin 33 says:

    Great video! just a suggestion, and maybe i need a bigger tablet, but i find the letters up in the corner a bit small…and not on the screen long enough….although i ain't the fastest reader in the world, lol. but i love your channel.

  22. chad haire says:

    These engines were never underrated for insurance reasons–in fact they were over rated for advertising reasons. The 426 HEMI was 425 hp gross sitting on a bench, but as installed in the car was only 350 hp. No car made in the 60's or 60's made more than 375 hp. You can argue the point all day long but the 1/4 mile times speak the truth.
    A 2016 Dodge Charger/Challenger with 375 hp 5.7 V-8 will blow 95% of these old "muscle cars" off the road. Even the old 426 Hemi can barely match it. The older cars had style but the horsepower and performance was based on old wives tales–still doing today…..

  23. Dodgers a good car you can beat on a little bit I'll take a Lickin for a ticket dodging have been especially the new demon however Ford have something ready for demon have a great great night

  24. oh and I must have commented before I finished watching the entire video it looks to me like is one the top the second one and that's something that car would be black have a good night everyone out there

  25. the second car on this video is the Mack Daddy of them all have a great night first on race day take it light


  27. CaddyPro'59 says:

    Import guys say old american cars are underpowered. Well go fuck yourself you japanese gay faggots. They are way more badass than your import with plastic bumpers.

  28. Slant Six says:

    The beauty of these old monsters is the sound. Huge 7+ Liter engines have a sound all their own.

  29. On a note the original Ford 427 Cammer, referred by many as Fords Wedge head, based off the 1942 Ford 1100 DOHC huge V8 for Sherman tanks,. The Original Cammer that showed up at NASCAR was said to have had 654 HP with two 4v.   To bad Ford didn't produce a car version of the DOHC 1100  4 VALVES PER CYLINDER all aluminium  500hp 1100 foot pounds of torque.   426Hemi and Fords 427 Side oiler was bad. 427 Cammer was ban before it got to see the NASCAR track. I have the news article in a magazine, I have had this since I was 16 years old. It post all hp ratings for AMC vehicles, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler with 2v  4b  deuces,  2-4v etc.   I love all the classics, considering the didn't have plasma cutters, and digital tech. They were awesome.  And Ford did build a 302 that was so light you could pick it up and walk off with it, it produced 400hp. They could never get the heating problem solved so it was scrapped.  To me the Plymouth 383 was way underrated daddy owned a 1957 Desoto with one had 2-4v It was bad. He also owned a fairlane with a 427 side oiler, he never kept a thing.   He bought a gremlin once someone stuffed a 390 with a 4v in it, how I was a youngster have no idea. But it was dangerous I remember that.

  30. Considering the Boss 429 was designed to be a 8,000 RPM engine left a lot of room for revving, Fords 427 Cammer,  Fords 427 side oiler, Mercury 410, Ford 406,  351 Boss, 351 Cleveland,  etc.  Dodge Hemi's all except the 273hemi it was weak even for a small block standard.     Chevy had 396, 427,  327, Pontiac 455, 400 both small and big, Oldsmobile etc.  This was a good list though.  All very beautiful cars.  Get a ford 352, order some Eldelbrock Ford 427 heads put them on it. sweet

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