8 Most Sought-after Classic Muscle Cars


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This video features 8 Most Sought-after Classic Muscle Cars. If you wanna see 8 Most Sought-after Classic Muscle Cars watch this video and hit the like button.


27 Replies to “8 Most Sought-after Classic Muscle Cars”

  1. MURR DOG says:

    Lov this vid…no fords.

  2. Making an argument for your favorite rides. Real car guys in the comments section.

  3. Steve Riddle says:

    Have you checked the junk yards

  4. Mahesh Waran says:

    Classic cars are always legends 😍

  5. this list is not complete imo. where are the 67/69 mustangs, the chevelles and corvette, ?

  6. Some disinformation here but but I enjoyed the video.

  7. Nice cars but your list is bullshit. Chainge the it to random cars you know the name of

  8. Richaag says:

    No offerings from Ford? I’d at least think a ‘69-‘70 Boss 429 would’ve made the list

  9. Bryan Nelson says:

    All sweet rides, the guy in the goat can't shift it fast enough tho lol

  10. Ed Cain says:

    WASN,T The BUICK GSX STAGE 1 Actually 475 h.p. W/ 500 ft.lbs.of Torque ? One of the Few Cars That Could BEAT THE HEMI CUDAS & CHALLENGERS@ the STRIPS,BESIDES The ZL-1 Camaros,of Which Only 69 of the ZL-1' S Were Produced

  11. DayRider76 says:

    Those cars sound so good! Now I know how jealous (or mad) my neighbors must feel?

  12. ML A says:

    I love all old muscle cars. I'm kinda partial to the Chargers but I love all of them! The look…the sound…

    BTW That was a 1970 Charger…R/T to be exact.

  13. Jerk Jiggler says:

    @ 1:48. That 70 Cuda could use a new roof, needs valve covers and a fan shroud.

  14. Tony Valdez says:

    Old muscle cars looks better than modern muscle car:)

  15. and the roadrunner had a 383 and 440 option. not a 383 horsepower what the fuck

  16. there was a 69 and 70 superbird. no such thing as a 71

  17. Thanks for the memories! I had a '70 Challenger!

  18. Anthony P says:

    The very first caption in this video is WRONG. There's NO such thing as a 71 superbird.

  19. AlexIsHere says:

    man classic muscle cars are better

  20. Paul Harvey says:

    That is a 1970 charger rt.

  21. gotta love the old American muscle!

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