9 Most Forgotten Muscle Cars in Automotive History


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This video features 9 Most Forgotten Muscle Cars in Automotive History. If you wanna know which are 9 Most Forgotten Muscle Cars in Automotive History watch …


47 Replies to “9 Most Forgotten Muscle Cars in Automotive History”

  1. Saeef Bey says:

    The Toronado IS NOT a "Muscle Car" .

  2. Corey Cooper says:

    AMC Javelin, AMC Hornet, Ford Falcon XB GT, Toyota Celica

  3. BaddaBigBoom says:

    7 litres/385BHP and it can only get to 60MPH the same time as my 1.7 litre/125BHP Ford (Europe) Puma!
    (Loving the sound tho).
    I bet my little Puma would "whoop its ass" on a twisty narrow country road too.
    That huge dinner tray on wheels would be leaning and sliding all over the place 🙂

  4. napraznicul says:

    Muscle car should be something like ..big engine- rear wheel drive-specific sound! You can't name a FWD "muscle car"

  5. there is no such thing as a 440 chemo six pack!!!!

  6. GabrielKirov says:

    If de tomaso is a muscle car, I am adolf hitler

  7. Stock American cars are often bland designs but some of the hand made customs are to die for

  8. Liam Logan says:

    Half these aren't even American muscle

  9. Chris Keaton says:

    Seems odd that most of these are slower than my Mazda that gets 38 mpg…. but they are cooler.

  10. Gary McAleer says:

    These old sloppy cars aren't worth the money.

  11. jaktocci says:

    Ghia had nothing to do with the DeTomaso Mangusta, she was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

  12. talon0863 says:

    Deservedly forgotten

  13. What about the Ford Fairlane??

  14. were the falcon shaker

  15. were the falcon shaker

  16. were the falcon shaker

  17. were the falcon shaker

  18. ihr totalen volldeppen zeigt immer die selbe scheisse

  19. They say the Tornado in 69 was the strongest Olds EVER made for it's class besides the 442 n Hurst.

  20. 2.05 hood on the roof Roadkill tribute.

  21. remember that…
    mazda built fast top miatas?

  22. Miles Khan says:

    The Toronado was introduced in '66, this one might be a '67. My Dad owned a '66 Buick Riviera with a 425 Nailhead, so if you ever do a video on forgotten V8's, you should include that. Also, Chevy's 348. 1958-60.

  23. Nik Man says:

    Thank God automotive history doesn't only include , ugly oversized American metal buckets on wheels !!!!

  24. Whomever made this knows nothing about engines, THERES NOT SUCH THING AS A 440 HEMI, That's a 440 sixpak @ 390 hp, Hemi's came with a 426 ( ONLY ) !!!!!!

  25. auto stablization sucks man, makes me think im tripping balls.

  26. Bassam Salma says:

    No one forgot the super bee …ATLEAST i would never forget that beast

  27. STEPH COOPER says:


  28. clara17uk says:

    can you add my vauxhall meriva to your list i need muscles like a bodybuilder,,when the power steering goes

  29. 高巣真悟 says:


  30. These cars were probably forgotten because of their horrendous appearance. Although the Mangusta looks sweet.

  31. oh i want that car the mangusta love it 🙂

  32. candycabngfl says:

    I guess it depends on ones definition of a "Muscle Car" there are a few here that are pretty far from it imo.

  33. jpsholland says:

    Somehow, the Studebaker Avanti look like Darth Vader….

  34. Hugh Jass says:

    You forgot the Javelin

  35. Finntastique says:

    Good list. What about Bristol 407 and 411. I guess most people have never heard of them.

  36. MOSKAU says:

    how about the astom martin v8 that one who looks like its a clone version from the shelby mustang

  37. Peter Marino says:

    Laguna? Really? Muscle car. NO. Best forgot. YES.

  38. I think these cars were forgoten because most of them look like something of a james bond movie

  39. KawaZ650C says:

    And only the right music too. Great.

  40. could name the video "Sledsville" as well

  41. why does the coronet have a wing and scoop on the roof?

  42. none of these were forgotten if you were into fast cars

  43. had a 440 six pack Super bee, used to race Connectng h wy in Brooklyn

  44. Rob McCarthy says:

    Another pile of crap video, 440 was NOT a Hemi, and the 426 Belvedere that IS a Hemi didn't get notice, the Tornado was not a muscle car it was a luxury car, heel it was even FWD, Avanti – not a Muscle car. Detomaso not a muscle car. And the 55 Biscayne wasn't even a real car. 73 Laguna was a sad smog era leftover.

    Who the hell fact checks these videos?

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