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Mike Musto drives what may be THE quintessential muscle car.


29 Replies to “A Chevy Impala that defines “Muscle car” – /BIG MUSCLE”

  1. Scott H says:

    Take a car like that around the corner it's more like driver's skill than it is a performance of the car if the driver doesn't have any skill he doesn't deserve to be in it

  2. Scott H says:

    Looks like a car that would have been used for a run of moonshine or the blocker car

  3. tommy basham says:

    Love that he kept it simple, looks & sounds great!

  4. D C says:

    Absolutely beautiful car the want is bad !

  5. Pure Beauty ! Love the old big block Chevys . I drive a 66 SS 396 Chevelle myself . Think I'll drive her to work today .

  6. My 1969 Bonneville with it's 428 was a better example of a sleeper muscle car. Impala's were just another family car that everyone owned, generic!

  7. I had a 1970 Impala 350 V8. I would smoke Toyotas, Nissans, and just about every car next to me at the light. All my friends were surprised

  8. It may handle like a dump truck and stop like a train but it looks very good and has personality something a modern impala or car lacks.

  9. How much it cost in indian rupees

  10. impala765 says:

    Man, I miss my 69 impala

  11. scary Larry says:

    I love Impalas this car is put together beautifully that's the way it should be

  12. A C B says:

    My vehicle is not rated as a muscle car. On the same hand, maybe a different hand, It is! '68 Pontiac Custom Convertible Tempest 400 4bbl!

  13. Vintage muscle car they don't make them no more

  14. kevin fay says:

    A friend of mine I grew up had a green Impala big horse 454 the place I used to work at you could always tell when He came to store the windows would rattle on the building 454 auto turbo 400 the car would fry the tires from rolling start

  15. So did I…..excellent job,sir….!!

  16. Awesome vehicle. Back in a day my brother had a 1970 Impala 4 door. And still today he stills talks about the one that got away.

  17. It feels like Clint Eastwood is gonna come out pull a masive hand gun and say go ahead punk make my day 🙂

  18. jim dandy says:

    Nice job but with all that room under the hood no 572??

  19. Very tasteful done , those were the days when real race cars build and designed those Muscle cars .
    I take it anyday over anything new today !

  20. He wants to be in that car when he has road rage? Da fuk?? Relax take a breath it doesn't matter.

  21. As subdued as it is visually, the owner still messed with the car too much. The crate motor is going to far. Borderline restomod.

  22. Jas Blench says:

    Seems like Chevrolet kept changing the style of the rear tail lights on the Impala every year from '65 to '72, like they were never really sure what style looked best. Personally, I think they had a winner with the '68 "horseshoe" tail lights the year before this Impala–it was a unique design that should have lasted at least for the duration of this body style.

  23. RAY C says:

    I watched this video 6 months ago. I told myself I want that. I now am the third owner of a 69 Impala as of this week. 86,000 original miles. Turquoise interior and turquoise exterior. I put 2nd Gen Z28 wheels on it….looks great!!

  24. This car reminds me of a car that I had, a '69 Caprice 2 door.The same color blue,bought a SS emblem at Carlisle for the grille.Mine was a 350 with a TH 350 basket handle shifter,buckets, Comfortron A/C, hideaway headlights, fender mounted front turn indicators, and the highlight, a factory 8-track player! Sorry to ramble here, and NO it wasn't anywhere near as badass as this car but I loved it just the same!

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