Abandoned in Japan: An American Muscle-car graveyard


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I came across this bunch of rusting, American Muscle-cars a while back. There’re classic Camaros (1969, 1970, RS, Z28), Mustangs (Mach 1) and a Pontiac …


38 Replies to “Abandoned in Japan: An American Muscle-car graveyard”

  1. ChrisLycan says:

    These assholes just left these cars to rust? Fucking stupid Japanese retards. I swear I've made a best move on my car as well. It's a 75 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400, and it's still looks better than a typical shit modern car.

  2. Michael B says:

    …. Found On Rubbish Dump !

  3. boyt reynolds may be interested in that old car @ 2.22 πŸ™

  4. Kouki319 says:

    I'm a Japanese but I like these muscle car so much. I wish i had money to buy all. Especially Pontiac Trans-am is my dream car since i was a kid.

  5. Fenrir says:

    The 70-73 split bumper camaros are my favorite years but for the love of god, get that 69 out of there. That’s a first gen camaro for Christ’s sake.

  6. Bill Chrenko says:

    * There should be NO 'Rust In Peace' for all these 'bad boys' – they owned the streets. The fighter jets of cars. Glad this injustice was pointed out. Maybe a rescue mission can soon take place.

  7. Tiger Gray says:

    Can I have the 69 Camaro please?

  8. And why are they just sitting there rotting away? Private owner?

  9. S1KRR says:

    Those damn Japanese sitting around eating fish eyes πŸ‘€ while these poor cars suffer to death.

  10. This video is like a form of torture.

  11. keith turbin says:

    total lie. atomic bomb squashed what he would have found

  12. Tim Heide says:

    Where in Japan is this???

  13. Do you ever feel like crying when you see some of these cars??

  14. Peter Hunter says:

    I'd do anything to see these legendary cars on the strip again burning rubber like days of old.

  15. 😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😱😱😱

  16. its hard to see this things but.you know its japan they are car manufacture they dont need to see those car room around there street.how could they pratronise there product if american muscle is dominating in there market.

  17. It makes me sad to see cars just rot away like that. It does matter what kind of car, american, japanese, or european. I think all cars that are getting or are old should be restored and driven on the roads.πŸš—πŸšπŸššπŸš™πŸš“πŸš‘πŸš›πŸš•

  18. B-MAN says:

    ….they should sell them…god what a waste…this settles it after seeing this video I am going to get another Challenger and keep it until the day I cannot drive it anymore/die.

  19. F Bart says:

    All you whiners saying such a waste and all that crap, need to remember one thing. These cars did NOT get crushed, that's the real waste. There is still hope for these cars.

  20. T Faber says:

    That owner guy must really hate Americans….. and knows how much a kick in the nutz this is to them.

  21. All need to be shipped back to the US, where we know how to build cars and not fill them with cheap Asian plastic and camber.

  22. Stephen Peak says:

    Oki or Mainland Japan

  23. Raymond Cook says:

    Should be a law against this! These people that abandoned these cars are fools!

  24. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  25. Travis Rambo says:

    Good Lord watching that makes me want to cry!!! if your a Ford Chevy or dodge many

  26. extraΓ±o que hallan clasicos en japon..

  27. Tina Pease says:

    OMG!!! I am crying here!!!!

  28. Carl Lewis says:

    were is this place I have the same black Trans am and I'm a gear head moving to ireland from usa

  29. Never nuke a country 2 times

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