Abandoned muscle cars. Classic muscle cars abandoned. Old cars abandoned

in this video you will see American Muscle car graveyard, cool classic cars, old cars abandoned, best muscle cars abandoned, abandoned cars in america.


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  1. this is the sign of america dieing… very slowly!!

  2. Warren Satur says:

    Where is the GT500 KR located does anyone know !!!

  3. mein Herz blutet. Ich muss sie retten

  4. I found a place a couple years back that I came to call the muscle car graveyard I knew it was going to be quite the trip when I walked in and saw an industrial-size forklift that had picked a 68 Barracuda off the ground at least 7 feet and the 440 had just been dropped under it!

  5. Ricky Afams says:

    can't take away the old cars. beautiful

  6. 1970 dodge superbee

  7. mba _moha says:

    If I saw one ima steal it

  8. Ted Sky says:

    Funny, you couldn't give away a Tempest back in the day!

  9. Peter Lee says:

    We don't have Great cars like this in UK . Wish we Did. Long Live The V8

  10. Holy shit, that music is so annoying

  11. 68Charger says:

    2:51 I saw that 'Cuda for sale on Craigslist a few years ago, exact same picture. I specifically remember the oddly placed bottle of fresh washer fluid.

  12. Vertis Hayes says:

    Mopar's, Ford's I would abandon them too!! JUNK!! 💩😕🚗

  13. Douglas Ames says:

    All the Owners are waiting to hit the Lotto. LMAO

  14. Por mim eu ficaria com todos esses

  15. Where are they located?

  16. avman1339 says:

    Some weren't anything special, but some certainly were. Don't crush 'em, Restore them!

  17. al reynolds says:

    Cool..but very heart breaking !

  18. wll1500 says:

    Fucking painful to see the grand national

  19. Bring Demetrio and Dayan from Habana.They will make it as good as new car at one tenth the cost of repair in USA.These wonderful cars will have another birth!.
    Miguel Thervaanthes saahvedra

  20. Some made be saved others not left to rust in the ground forever

  21. Elle Po says:

    Try to find herbie out there

  22. Elle Po says:

    I can't look 😢😢😢

  23. Jeff Froment says:

    WOW so sad to see all those awesome cars rotting away. Lots of them could be redone though.

  24. I Saw my favourite car (the Daytona) destroyed… Im sad

  25. Hi do you know where these cars are abandoned? Cheers

  26. Dean Fender says:

    Where the hell r these cars

  27. My thought on what happen to theses cars
    The owner of the car died and the family couldn't afford the costs
    Some could of been project cars that they never got around to doing
    People might of not been getting the price they wanted for the cars so they abandoned them.

  28. Devon Wilson says:

    Why would any one leave a Daytona or even the 69 charger to sit and rot away it doesn't make sense

  29. Cameron says:

    I just gotta tell myself that the vitamin c orange aar being used as a shelf in a field is a clone

  30. DoDPooL says:

    Pleas give me the daytona !!!!

  31. I have a question. I am 16 now and im dreaming of going to the US. Are there a lot of junkyards with classic muscle cars?

  32. please I will take all the impalas and fix all the impalas lol.

  33. I could cry when I see such beautiful and rare vehicles, how can you leave something only to yourself. In germany you would be glad you would have something. Do not the American have any sense for the beautiful?

  34. I'm literally sick to my stomach watching this video, I only made it 2 minutes in. the gt500 KR at 0:16 was the hardest to see…

  35. Robert Bryan says:

    I would really like to know where these old yards are,if one is close enough,i might try to rescue one of them.

  36. pat fab says:

    wow the mustang 350 rare !

  37. I was wondering, where is the location of this. As I am interested in building a '70 Dodge Coronet Superbee for a Resto-Mod type deal. Either making it practical for daily use, or a drag car.

  38. for me it is like watching a scary movie

  39. My dad's girlfriend has a 1971 Mercury Cyclone GT in a storage building

  40. Glenn Bland says:


  41. Denisake _YT says:

    1:33 there is an abandoned Daytona I quit.

  42. how can I buy one of these cause I'm willing to put some work to revive them

  43. Rane Pyter says:

    Title of the video seems like it should have been the tags for finding this video

  44. HemiHead664 says:

    That place is like Heaven for me.

  45. EMANUEL 1 says:

    where is that i need to go there

  46. Anthony P says:

    sin after sin after evil sin not saving those cars. Give me some.

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