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  1. East17A says:

    Body work shops at least to my experience in upstate New York tend NOT to do customer work .. but instead is an insurance money grabbing business . no more they want that easy big insurance cash from the insurance companies. I've been searching around to do some light or whats necessary to keep my 2007 Camry in good appearance and good shape.

    every time i walk in a body work shop they keep downing my car as an 07 and why would i spend money on it Bla Bla bla .. why these guys do that ?! for real any body work owner or employee please tell me why you guys don't just do the work with out burdening the customer ?!

    I work and i earned my money and i want to this work on my car i don't care if its 07 or 97 !! .. why that is some how becomes the body work professional problem . and i'm willing to pay for the job !! and here is the problem . not asking for free i asking for estimate.

    so i count my expenses. and get ready to get it done .. and yet they just giving me hard time .. and OH watch out of you mention any rust repair even if it was very light .. for real someone explain that . i thought business is about providing what others can't do and i'm not a body work person i just don't know how to do it .. so my advice to you girls defeat those lazy pain in the as Guys and just don't burden your customer just give them the information they need without making them feel like stupid they earn their money and willing to pay for your work .!!!

  2. Rusty S says:

    If you had hot women instead of your fugly asses, and they were nude while they worked, then you would have a great business model and never run out of customers.

  3. I need your contact number please send me your number

  4. We're your workshop i need coming i Car repair body my insperion 15 years

  5. Lmao!!! Let males pull this shit

  6. 1totheright says:

    So being a male, can I come work for your company?

  7. Cameryn Koen says:

    I appreciate this because I'm a girl working in an all male dealership doing auto body. Y'all do something nice work!

  8. ………..Who cares? Your ink sucks, your music sucks……….you're idea sucks. Why would this sh*t turn up on my rec list? That's what I want to know. Mindless, feminist sh*t being shoved down our throats. Go ahead open the shop ………….get a lawyer……'re going to need one. BTW my last body job was done by a girl at a "regular" body shop….so your "stereotype" anger is pointless.

  9. I would never trust my car to all female shop

  10. They rather leave the comforts of the kitchen and do all that???? BRAINWASHING to its finest!

  11. true history says:

    its not so easy but heavy job for girls, my advice is dont do that, not good for your future

  12. They don't have to fix their hair to often a little over spray keeps it in place

  13. Julio Vega says:

    Body man… now it’s bodywoman… great job ladies…

  14. Are they priming the whole car?

  15. boberson33 says:

    Are men actually allowed to work at the shop as well? For example, if a man apply for a job at the shop, would you take their sex into consideration?

  16. Rick Ryatt says:

    I mean no disrespect, but you say you want to break down stereotypes, but in that same breath you want to hire an all girl crew? Sounds a little hypocritical don’t you think? I say hire “people” with skill and run and operate a successful business. What do you think?

  17. Cool work! keep it up!
    Rememeber, always be branding!

  18. kia j says:

    I welcome the lady's of body work .! It hard enough to find good help in this industry.! More good help is needed

  19. Seen so many improper things in this video it is not even funny. Great concept but you still have to be safe and practice proper Auto Body. Just saying.

  20. 808 autobody says:

    Dope as hell. We had a woman named ray who is now a man. Not that it matters but she was one of the most meticulous awesome painters i had the pleasure of working with. Her eye for color matching was awesome. I think what you are doing is great. I am the painter for autobody engineering specialist in Hawaii and u guys are kicking ass. Beautiful women doing beautiful works of art. Props!

  21. Daz Mondo says:

    Sanding filler with a da? Bet thats a flat repair

  22. Isn’t creating a woman’s only business kind of encouraging sexism? People in the real world don’t care if you’re a boy or girl. Make them money and they’ll pick you up. Stupid ideas doesn’t do anything. How about encouraging women to try to outperform the competition? Nah. Just make a girls only shop. 💩

  23. Where is yall shop located at I got a truck that's needs tlc

  24. Jason Dowlah says:

    Big up lady's keep going

  25. David Bryant says:

    interesting…if this was labeled a male only facility…that facility would be sued….

  26. John Perry says:

    First of all let me say this is 2018 video with put up on 2015 I want to say if you did make it I hope the best for you the way it looked I would let you work on my car body but for you to say it's a sexist male-dominated field that should be wrong that's great that you're doing the work but there ain't too many women out there that that I know of the even know how to change a tire but I think it's great I do have female friends that are total Gearheads but don't say that sexist and male-dominated it's just that not a lot of women go into it and that ain't cuz of men it's cuz of women not wanting to do it but good luck to you

  27. shity music and awww you're all so special all girls now go put some more make up on

  28. Excellent! Like the 'Charlie's Angels' of autobody!I was especially impressed by the way they masked off that gray car,covered the tires and wheels PROPERLY and even 'skirted' the underside of the car (no sexist pun intended)! If you ladies were in Maryland, you'd certainly get my business.(Just for the female bodyshop workers out there–guess the year and make of the car in my avi?) Serious note, great job,ladies!

  29. cade nabors says:

    It’s illegal to hire only one gender

  30. Grenadieros says:

    Nice video,congratulations to the girls !
    I didn't like that in some instances the girls didn't wear a head cover as cup or mask,health is precious….

  31. keep the on the car not your boby.

  32. I can't stop laughing 😂, somehow female tend to work softly n detailing !

  33. Sun Mo says:


  34. Sun Mo says:


  35. Know that's what I'm talking about

  36. Wilson Solt says:

    Would it not be illegal to only hire a certain sex? Discrimination works both ways.

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