Amazing Muscle Car Burnouts & Drive bys


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This muscle car video was filmed at the Cars and Coffee Car Show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There were tons of amazing muscle cars, pony cars, custom hot …


47 Replies to “Amazing Muscle Car Burnouts & Drive bys”

  1. I miss my '68 Barracuda.God Bless the car enthusiasts of America.

  2. Nice show.  The Hoodoo Man.

  3. Stan Wilhite says:

    Where are the cool burnouts?

  4. Slick muck says:

    NIce cars but not one burnout except the guy who posted the vid

  5. Andrew Burke says:

    I always remembered muscle car era burnouts being more dramatic than this..

  6. I find it amazing there are so many comments from self-entitled people whose day was ruined because the video did not meet their expectations.

  7. Robbin Banks says:

    I love american muscle. I think I wet my pants.

  8. That yenco was bad ass.

  9. Dean T says:

    So where was the sidewalk sale . . .

  10. Td Hooper says:

    Good ole American muscle, when we were something.

  11. The "burnouts" you see where people are literally shredding their tires are the younger crowd who no have respect for their vehicles. This is an older crowd that has considerable money invested in their cars and while it is fun to jump into them, they are probably not going to abuse them.

  12. Mike Secondo says:

    Fell asleep… smoke show

  13. Mike Secondo says:

    Wow….did you see the tire burners??…….NO..

  14. dmmjq2 says:


  15. No shit eh Matt, – all I see is a bunch of pussies

  16. Nice sounds, where are the burn outs? I gave a T.D.

  17. V L says:

    Not one Good BurnOut !!!! Fuck You !!

  18. Ryan Beers says:

    bah bitch ass "ss" ("shit smear") 1st gen camaro 😂I LAUGH AT THOSE BITCH ASS THINGS..!!

  19. this is a great video , i turn the volume all the way up to put my children to sleep !

  20. Love these guys that build cammed to the max fire breathers, but refuse to put matching differential gears & high stall converters(while preaching about auto trannies) in…🙄

  21. Slick muck says:

    Nice cars but no burnouts

  22. Kyle Gardner says:

    at 3:48 a blue car appears & an orange car. What cars is it?

  23. Hunter Spitz says:

    O and other than that I like the video and now this vatos got to get back to GTA 5

  24. Hunter Spitz says:

    The black nova with the drag slick tires could have done a better burnout

  25. Blaznmax 88 says:

    Throw that Honda in neutral next time you roll by ricearoni

  26. 1keykneedeep says:

    All those nice cars and not 1 set of balls in the bunch.

  27. Rick Hilty says:

    Does anyone know what that green car is at 0:44?

  28. Toni666 says:

    That Honda s2000 needs a new owner that exhaust note is fucking disgusting

  29. 0:26 que auto es el de color negro?

  30. Miles Eston says:

    what a crappy video. Very misleading. I've seen more burnouts that I've God damn Justin Bieber concert

  31. I love that green 68 comaro and 62 corvette at the end

  32. what burnouts? did I miss something?

  33. title should be bunch of pussy's driving like grandmas

  34. 454 SS says:

    Red camaro was the best looking car

  35. Ryan Davis says:

    I am drawing a blank, I can't remember what car that is at 2:50. Can anyone tell me?

  36. HigherWisdom says:

    On my way home from work one day back in 1982, I saw a '71 Dodge Challenger Hemi convertible parked next to a warehouse. It was all worn out, dented, someone was using it for a winter beater! It wasn't for sale, but I just KNEW I should have tried to go back and buy it!

  37. caleb roby says:

    Heads up to the guy who filmed this and uploaded it thanks you asshole for not blurring out everyone's license plates fuck face

  38. Stan Wilhite says:


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