Amazing Muscle Car Era Factory Assembly Lines


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33 Replies to “Amazing Muscle Car Era Factory Assembly Lines”

  1. Am 68, loved a LOT of new cars then, do not like ANY of these stupid cars today, will NEVER buy another new one!

  2. John Tilson says:

    Soulless cars of today marketed to soulless millennials vs the cars of yesterday marketed towards people that LIVED, baby! And lived to DRIVE cars that reflected their lust for life. It's probably just as well that cars are well on their way to being fully automated, AI driven means of transportation between point A and B. At this point in time there's no fun in the journey OR the destination.

  3. MrTommyboy68 says:

    I have a few actual photos from the early Studebaker Avanti builds, if you are interested in adding them to your next video. The R 2 and R 3's were a force to be reckoned with in the day. AND required a LOT of hand building.

  4. IIJG27Rich says:

    Offensive to some viewers???

  5. Skip Rope says:

    When cars where cars. The smell of the fuel running rich. And people were people. Respect all the way around. Now we have become a dummy dumb dumb society.

  6. 231mac says:

    Why did the youtube idiots put an age restriction on this video???

  7. Subbed. I'm still in tears.

  8. Todd Adams says:

    New modern cars do almost everything better than the cars of the muscle era….except for excite and inspire

  9. Dee L says:

    Men were men and cars ruled

  10. Where's the offensive content?

  11. 2000cobraguy says:

    When I clicked here,
    I got a YT warning that it had "inappropriate content".

  12. velvet911pk says:

    So, when I opened this video YouTube gave a prompt that this video was offensive. WTF YouTube????

  13. Heaven really WAS a place on earth. 😍

  14. Why was there a pop up warning about offensive material prior to watching this video?

  15. Hyden says:

    Why was this video identified as offensive by YouTube?

  16. My dad had a 1971 Ford Torino with a 351 Cleveland V8

  17. angie diguls says:

    Inappropriate content? The only inappropriate cintent I see is tgat cars are currently made in China, damn YouTube globalists

  18. 6265 MOPAR says:

    Why does this video have an offensive content warning when clicked on

  19. I have goosebumps people

  20. JUDGERAMBO says:

    Why is this offensive? Just pictures from factories.

  21. Shawn Ward says:

    Great video.

    One add on.

    Would to see which factories were building which cars.

    I see St Louis GM and Chrylser, Chrysler Lynch Road, Ford Dearborn, I think Norwood GM.

  22. Dan Favata says:

    when gas was 50 cents a gallon these cars were truly great machines. today everthing is disposable even the clone cars like the Mustangs,Camaros , Chargers,and Challengers arent the same…they dont sound that great and they are too expensive for what they give ya

  23. Dan Favata says:

    muscle cars died a long time ago……they were real beauties, but who needs a gas hog today?

  24. Don Warner says:

    Exactly what part of this video is offensive or inappropriate? Is it the part where men are working and actually making something ???

  25. Choff C says:

    You Tube Found This Offensive….Really WTF..?

  26. gocars says:

    I hate these “videos” that are just pictures set to music

  27. 1954tele says:

    Any of you "undecided" in the old versus new debate don't have to look any further. I'll let the silver screen make the case for me;
    Gone In Sixty Seconds" (the original version)
    Vanishing Point
    Need I say more?? I think not..

  28. jwyche says:

    Can someone explain what is inappropriate or offensive about this video? I understand we live in the United States of the Perpetually Offended, but really, who could object to this?

  29. 62hotrodvair says:


  30. classic kool says:

    Can you imagine Barrack Hussein Obama campaigning for President to THESE men?? They would have said, "You're Barrack Hussein WHO?", then shot him and light his communist ass on fire….🔥

  31. The days when cars were built with style to last a lifetime, unlike the disposable shapeless blobs of the future!

  32. America and everything about it were a better place back then.

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