American Muscle Cars in South Carolina | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 15


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Bouncing east, Tom Cotter hits South Carolina and debuts a new ride, discovered in a previous episode. He left his 1939 Ford Woodie Wagon at home and …


25 Replies to “American Muscle Cars in South Carolina | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 15”

  1. Jim has a nice variety of dusting revolvers

  2. DieselKoks says:

    Man I love this body shop owner accent. Like to hear it

  3. Love that FJ40. Would love to know where that is so I can make him an offer. Great episodes.

  4. truth hurts says:

    Grave Yard Cars can bring it back to life.

  5. crate motor, never turned in every car, amazing!

  6. if anyone knows where i can buy a 1970 dodge charger plz let me know by adding me and facebook and texting me on messenger

  7. YSG 2017 says:

    Surprised you leaned on that FJ40 and didn’t say a word about it. Likely worth more right now in good original condition than most of the cars in this segment. Lol. That Cuda slowly returning to the Earth was hard to watch. 🙁

  8. Petey Pon says:

    Cuda probally has a 318,,that red chevelle el camino looks like a '68,,why does the host ask for price,if he aint buying,,so far,he drives two Fords a Country Squiuire and a '40 Woodie,,The steering Column in that Esquire is Uglee!

  9. awesome you got the 428 Country Squire, coolest wagon ever!

  10. David R says:

    That Cuda resting in peace or should i say in rust .

  11. CC Rider says:

    Hahaha he gave 20K for that chevelle! Either he got ripped or hes trying to rip a potential buyer!

  12. Logan Oyler says:

    My grandpa was in the air force and raced brand new healeys in autocross while he was stationed in spain

  13. 62 Merc is a 352 V8 green valve covers and air cleaner , gold for 390,

  14. Brett Kramer says:

    Please spend some more time and tell us about your one of a kind Ford Wagon 🙂 Frustrating to see these old car hoarders who would rather die than see their cars sold to people who would restore them and get them back on the road.

  15. yoboi01 says:

    Is that cuda for sale ?

  16. In the first yard he went to I swear I saw a caddy seville in the back round or the old mans yard

  17. Wish england had such amazing old cars i love America cars old pick up just in love with maybe my wish will.come true one dayy

  18. I cant believe you bought that car!!!

  19. Im working on a 1968 mercury cougar that sat for 28 years in the open,tortured by the harsh conditions of black berry bushes,and rain

  20. Im working on a 1968 mercury cougar that sat for 28 years in the open

  21. Bob Silver says:

    I sure bothers me when I see cool cars like that Cuda in that condition.

  22. Ethan Bible says:

    I don't think you're hagaty car value multiplier system very accurate convertible Mustang cobra excellent condition $155,000 and one of us most sought-after cars there ever was the Plymouth Cuda excellent condition 51,000 ….. sup not Right!!! Slap a Hemi in it sell all day long 100 k

  23. Another cuda the world wont get to enjoy because the owner lets it sit in the fkin yard and turn to dust…such a shame

  24. scott d says:

    amc concord station wagon!!!!! mint

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