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  1. w41duvernay says:

    I would have killed to ask Delorian why if he was going to break the displacement limit on the first GTOs, why didn't he put in the 421 engine from the Catalinas 2+2? I still wonder if it had something to do with Ed Cole from Chevy screwing up the GTO, and preventing them from having disc brakes.

  2. Why was GM such assholes to Pontiac? Pontiac basically was their smartest and most forward thinking brand but they did everything they could to shit on them and stop them from getting even better because they favored Chevy more but they couldn't stop Delorean from making Pontiac better and better until finally made him the top person over Chevy. why didn't they just start focusing on Pontiac more instead of trying to keep Chevy as the flagship?

  3. mad4tarmac says:

    love American muscle cars they just look right,but Euro cars a good few handled so much better,nearest car to American style we had here was the Ford Capri.

  4. they are all beautiful cars, but have any of you heard of Nürburgring? eat 'em alive.

  5. King Snowman says:

    Man! this sumbitch will eat your peanut butter n Jelly!

  6. JENDALL714 says:

    I will stick to my 1967 Dodge Coronet, it's never been a popular car, but that's a good thing, because that keeps the price down when it comes to parts.

  7. Carl Holm says:

    So mopar was slow in the muscle car race?
    '63 max wedge

  8. chevele ss396 first year was 1965.this big block was larger that the gto,s.g.m chose the pon.for the top spot in 1964.chevy v8 engines are the greatest world wide.todays cadillac v6 and v8 engines are chevys.

  9. Rob Oly says:

    I got my driver's license in 1966, the year the GTO set a muscle car sales record of over 96,000 units. The Chevelle SS396 and later the Plymouth Roadrunner both sold over 80,000 units in their best year. No other muscle car sold half that many. These were the muscle cars you saw dragging main in the 60s, rarely anything else. Ford buyers seemed to prefer to spend their money on small block Mustangs, big block Ford muscle cars were rarely seen.

  10. My dad street raced as a teen in the early 60s. He used to say that though both Olds and Pontiacs had more overall power, it was the Mopars with the 11 and 13 to 1 compression 413s and 426 Wedge were the 1s to have in a lighter weight B body if 1 wanted to turn 12 second quarters with a 10.5 inch slick. And those cars seemed to be indestructible, whereas the GMs would blow a clutch, u joints, and sometimes a transmission all the time. He also said the the GTOs with the 389 was not all that fast, but had the show, and that made the difference. In fact the lightweight Mopars with even the 383 and 4 speeds, would likely eat a stock GTO, but admittedly they looked like crap. The original 348 Chevy was a dog, but the 409 could really go. Same with the Ford. The 390 was really so so, but the 406 ran like mad. Oh to turn back the clock!

  11. Mr. 2cents. says:

    Wasn't it Neil Diamond who sang: Its a beautiful noise?

  12. Wow is this out of date, LOL. 425hp is a base muscle car now.

  13. GM cars overall were the best! Looks, Power and Performance

  14. Brodoc Betty says:

    At one time or another all big 3 auto makers had their day in the muscle car sun, It was just a matter of taste, My dad and one of my uncles were Chevrolet crazy, Another uncle was Ford crazy then one loved oldsmobiles . I got hooked on chevys and Buicks. I still love the American car.

  15. jim jam says:

    All the GM BS ended when the  426 Hemi was introduced at the 1964 Daytona 500. Chrysler's full sized cars could get around the GTO.

  16. CSX COBRA 427 …………………………NOTHING IS BETTER

  17. that's because General Motors Bolton paid them off like all the other pieces of s*** all Chevrolet's are f**** junk garbage that's what they are there plastic f**** junk garbage a 396 3 on the road 96 in the workshop a 454 for On the Road 54 days in the workshop same s*** goes from the 455 they're all garbage all quick to blow that's why you see more of them going down the quarter mile and any other car quick to blow cheap the rebuild end of subject have a great f**** day

  18. ramairgto72 says:

    You Ford guys saying the fucking Mustang … the car built for FEMALES (Look it up) is a muscle car, are full of shit.

  19. You Tube says:

    Obama killed Pontiac.

  20. jeff jackson says:

    Sorry, but the GTO has yo be one of the most overatted muscle cars of all time. Even a 89 Judge only mustered a 6.5 second 0-60 time. It was an overweight cow, with a big engine.

  21. Bob Silver says:

    First off, I love all makes and models of American cars. My personal favorite years are 1968, 1969, 1970, A-Bodys…Chevelles, GTO, 442, GS. One car that I would really really like"none A-Body"….but could never afford, is a 1968 Ram Air 2 Firebird with a four speed, Verdoro green….I'll keep dreaming!

  22. i inherited my fathers 65 sport fury super stocker with the fabled stage 3 426 wedge and this car is fast and no mention. wtf

  23. What a BS "documentary" on American muscle cars. Not many Mustang muscle cars? Mustang GT, Boss 429, Boss 302, 1969-71 Mach 1, 1971 Boss 351, In 1971 when GM and Mopar were decreasing HP and compression ratios Ford was still building some of the baddest muscle cars like the Mustang and Torino with Boss 351 and 429 SCJ motors. This film is a blatant misrepresentation of the muscle car era. It's even worst than most of the muscle car magazines from that period.

  24. MrTruck1012 says:

    Absolutely fitting the guy talking about Dodges Hemi is wearing overalls. lol

  25. w41duvernay says:

    A 67 GTO being sold of 1525 dollars on a used car lot in the early 70s. MF!

  26. I believe the fastest car ever made was a 1969 ZL1 SS Nova, This was a 2900 pound car with a 427 cu. 550 hp, All aluminum block, heads, intake, The only reason i know about this car is in 1969 i seen a new one in the Chevrolet showroom it was a $3300.00 car with a $3000.00 engine option on the window sticker. To pay $6300.00 for a Nova in 1969 was unheard of, this was more the price of a Corvette back then.

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