Auto Body Repair Rear End Collision / 2015


Body Repair

2013 Honda Civic / Rear End Collision MEDITERRANEAN AUTO BODY REPAIR STYLE … Eddies Auto Body Collision Repair Style 2015 This is how we do it !!!

22 Replies to “Auto Body Repair Rear End Collision / 2015”

  1. Uziah Bhatti says:

    One Question. Is it possible to remove the body panel gaps without putting the car on clamps?

  2. s rahimi says:

    Good work Eddie. is this place like a one stop shop? and suggestion it be nice to show final product after paint and assembled.

  3. Great tip about not welding complete rail, I learned something thanks man! Great job

  4. Well Thank you all for sharing your comments and asking questions about how to repairs >>> I will try my best to respond to your comments, but sometimes I can not reply; because it doesn't appear on the page …
    and if I missed any questions cause I was away or any other reasons.
    Please accept my apologies you can try again in the future !
    All the best to you all !!!
    Thank you for watching and trusting me and my work !!!

  5. Dan Demir says:

    What kind you used welding for rear metal panel..? I tryed with electrode and flux core welding but metal panel burned, I got big holes…. what can I do it and Spot weld is ok?

  6. I was an auto appraiser for 21 years, that floor could have been replaced. I would have no problem changing it on my appraisal.

  7. mario mendez says:

    6;43 somebody should invent digital eye protection from this glare. great work man.

  8. nice video informative I have autobody in high school plan on maybe getting into collision repair

  9. gonj says:

    Where can you go to buy the panels and frame parts online?

  10. Rellings says:

    what was the total cost of repair?

  11. Same autobody repair that I need on Subaru BRZ and this drunk driver hit the car on front of our house☺ anyway your doin good job and I have no idea how much it will cost. Can you give me an estimate? Maybe at least $5k maybe? The cost?

  12. mudaddict says:

    nice job look up this guy on youtube chris lasala demonds built pyramids and satanic symbols

  13. I can not give you a figure # number off my head >>> cause there many different thing are involved ; like
    New or used parts / lab-our body and frame repairs / mechanical / prep and paint and material costs etc +taxes …
    so it is not that simple >>> and I never and bother to look at the total estimate how much it is, cause I am const-rating on my owe work and duty !!! Sorry to disappoint you about that, I don't have any interest to know how much is the total estimate …
    It is not My concern !!!

  14. How much do repairs like these usually cost?

  15. TCB says:

    Oh, man, how i wish to do this like you! In Russian it calls – Golden hands!!!

  16. jdbiz says:

    great video. Thank you. I am changing the entire rear clip on an 2003 accord coupe. It was hit very hard by large truck. What video software did you use to edit this video? I really liked your video and your professional skills. I live in Eugene, Oregon. USA

  17. Whats the price of a repair just like this?

  18. Xavieus says:

    you know i could do many things mechanically and fix all kinds of things in my car, but this skill is an art. I don't think i could come close to having the means of pulling off something like this. Body repair specialists certainly have their place in the automotive industry!

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