Autobody Repairs


Body Repair

A Comprehensive tutorial video on Automotive Body Repairs of the Hail and Sun Damage on the Toyota Echo (Yaris), This video covers the final stages of repair …

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  1. 58fins says:

    I like the naked gal on your shirt…. Keeps you motivated!

  2. 58fins says:

    That foil tape you used to protect the edge of the hood is known as "Alabama chrome" here in the southern U.S.

  3. Gunman, take a look at my tip… perhaps you can use it and share it with your viewers (just trying to improve quality)…  (ps  feel free to delete my comment (not trying to hijack your channel)… Also, take a look at my last video on "hardners" and how you ''might'' be able to use PPG and DuPont hardners – interchangeable…

  4. indonesia body repair and paint..

  5. Mohamed Ali says:

    معجونك خشن وعامل زى المطبات

  6. scrap yard a door. save filler lol

  7. around 13:00 isn't it bad to have a hard line when masking? Thought you were supposed to back mask.

  8. Does paint in the can change color over time. I get different shades from respraying trunk , hood. I would like to send you pictures to your email.

  9. frits duwel says:

    spray cost more then the stupid Toyota

  10. Anibar says:

    I am in India… to perfect body shaping long body panels….

  11. richy motors says:

    Ciao uso anche io i prodotti cromax. I cromax pro cosa anno in più?

  12. Joel Madge says:

    Never mask straight lines with primer ! You always see those lines when you apply paint

  13. to jest nie samowite!! jak to może być dobrze pomalowane !!! Nie chciałbym tego autka zobaczyć z bliska. W Polsce takie coś by nie przeszło.

  14. I'm sick of seeing tattoo's

  15. what video would you recommend for a beginner looking to start out panel beating and spray jobs? cause it's something I always wanted to give a try but I don't have have like the spray booth and all your special equipment….so a video telling me what I need to get started and how to go about it. thanks

  16. Hi, was mit autos ist zu tun , sehr interessiert mich das, gut daß sowas gibt, kaman auf solsie filme kuken tak und Nacht, sehr gut

  17. Jay Griff says:

    Im sure you did it yourself to save money but would your shop use a Paintless Dent Removal Guy or Company for a job like that usally? Thanks Jay

  18. Blair Wise says:

    I actually appreciate that you showed doing this kind of work and this kind of job it being your own car. I have a three-quarter ton work truck that I used for my business that I want to pretty up but it doesn't warrant buying new body panels for and making a show vehicle out of and so I imagine myself doing a lot of this and trying to make it look as good as possible at the same time.

  19. you always get a like button click

  20. rhods bague says:

    D'Gunman how can I contact you, I would like to ask some questions.. newbie painter here and I always watch your vids. and yes it helped me a lot.

  21. Jose Correia says:

    I have the same car whit same color and the same problem, all full of holes lol!!! But the customer does not have the money to repair. 😁 thanks one more time man!

  22. Brad Wilkins says:

    Nice work! What do you think I should do about the PDR work on my car? Thanks for your opinion, Brad

  23. can I use an electric sander and if so which is the best one to use thank you

  24. My hat off to you Gunman that is a hard trade I am a welder and it was a tough go got good and my back went and I am just 50. but I have done some painting just for myself and I always thought anyone doing this is a special person…

  25. Cool Vid mate, im also a painter. You should get into glue pulling hail dents. Works out quicker pulling them out, rather then filling, sanding highs and lows.

  26. mudaddict says:

    chris lasala demons built pyramids on you tube

  27. do you have any rust an rot treatment vids?

  28. Lee Gaspard says:

    Hey gunman what's your favorite Hs clear?

  29. This guy is getting cancer no protection against all those chemicals while spraying..

  30. Mario Ellul says:

    can you kindly suggest a good relatively cheap spray gun for clear coats? thanks alot for your vids

  31. Blair Wise says:

    I for sure like the long videos. I feel like I'm getting a whole lesson from start to finish and I like the fact that any of the middle portions aren't cut out or shortened up.

  32. weird i knew a girl who got a brand new yarris, I'm in QLD, but yeah echos are around too. maybe back in 09 or what ever they were all yarris/

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