Best MUSCLE CAR Sounds of 2013


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Be sure not to miss these videos with more INCREDIBLE MUSCLE CAR Sounds: – Best MUSCLE CAR Sounds of 2016: – Best …


39 Replies to “Best MUSCLE CAR Sounds of 2013”

  1. Alberto TV says:

    I Hope you like this video about an American Cars show at Spain. It has been made by me.

  2. bekindrewind says:

    The world I missed out on

  3. I love both corvettes and vipers but there not muscle cars

  4. J491 says:

    Who needs a car stereo when your engine sounds like that

  5. annnnd i came 30sec in to this.

  6. Is it just my imagination, or is the population of these exhaust pipe jockeys actually increasing?

  7. Robin Shortt says:

    Fantastic cars! Love Them! Checkout this site for more great classic car info!

  8. American and Australian muscle car fans, JDM fans, please unite to hate on Prius. No need for arguments about which car is best. Just Prius ruins everything in the car scene.

  9. My home country confirmed

  10. What is the car in the thumbnail

  11. NO 1970 Chevelle SS Fuck You

  12. I put a chevvy v8 in my ford fiesta thing went about 170 mph lol…… crazy i know then put bmw M5 5.0 v10 in…. yeah thing must have went about 210mph i have vid on yt but they trying to take it down because its so crazy …. i know. been with v8's my whole life lol but chivvy v8 is horrible i know because i spend my whole life with them. I'm master of v8's check out my channel. don't forget to subscribed and also don't forget i am the v8 chazza no on else i know v8 like i know v8 lol its in my name and in my blood. lol once a bit of metal from v8 went into my … not my fault chivvy make poor v8 lol a 4 pot from germany kicks its ass lol and I'm the v8 man….. I've never drove a chivvy but dcheeck my channel pls……. thanks …… GO v8…. chazza lol


  13. Helioxis !! says:

    That stang at 3:31 is so fucking sexy

  14. chase stein says:

    corvettes are not real muscle cars

  15. Insane Rides says:

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  16. Big Smoke says:

    I like the old muscle cars because they actually sound like a muscle car. By that I mean they idle slow then get so loud and strong when you stomp on it

  17. Dizzy says:

    Oh noooo, 1:46 a corvette general lee fanboy. General lee paint only looks nice on a charger

  18. LuisBenitezD says:

    Hey guys! I want my car to sound like those cars what kind of exhaust would you recommend?
    My car is a 81' Chevy MonteCarlo

  19. corvette is a sport car not a muscle car u idiots

  20. Lane Garland says:

    mustang has a clean sound too.

  21. Lane Garland says:

    man that dodge challenger sounds great…..Love it.

  22. bob arkk says:

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  23. i dont like modern american muscle car

  24. Jamboolio says:

    Okey fellas and ladies, the Best MUSCLE CAR Sounds of 2016 is here, check it out!

  25. Llew Gibson says:

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  26. 621Chief says:

    RIP My ears. It was worth it

  27. ok guys…lets get some white lettered tires on more cars…blackwalls are getting borrrrrring,everyone has them…keep racing…ENJOY !

  28. XPYCT HUK says:

    гребанные америкосы хоть наш русский коммент оставить)))

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