Best MUSCLE CAR Sounds of 2016


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Welcome everyone to enjoy some of Jamboolio’s greatest Muscle Car moments from the year 2016! In this compilation video you’ll see and hear insane, both …


21 Replies to “Best MUSCLE CAR Sounds of 2016”

  1. isaiah mills says:

    do a sound of a 1978 chevy el camino

  2. Mike Wright says:

    The best muscle cars are the ones who sound amazing just being idle

  3. Seth Mullins says:

    You had one Ford in this. Disgraceful.

  4. tKxKeyZaa says:

    what is that for a car in 2:03??

  5. Leonard Rice says:

    I just kept watching & listening! Volume up!😄

  6. Paul VANES says:

    Your all a bunch of calling hens fucken bunch of fucken maries

  7. GnomeK says:

    Tunerd and Muscles – boobs
    Exotics – Pussy

  8. das ist ein besonderer fire bird die renn Ausstattung

  9. KST says:

    those car sounds make jdm car sound like crap

  10. The Corvette driver sucks.

  11. That was a fuckin awesome Regal! Gorgeous amount of grip and burnout.

  12. FlixX Wolf says:

    I have a painful boner now

  13. Foxy Proxy says:

    Cars of 60-70 years I LOVE THEM!

  14. Mr Feast says:

    They sound sooooo evil

  15. Corvette sounded the best

  16. Alex says:

    how a viper is a muscle car this doesnt make sense

  17. Alex says:

    that dodge dart though wow 😍😍😍

  18. I don't think a Viper is a muscle car… :/

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