Best of 1969 Muscle Cars


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Top Muscle Cars Compilation of Chevrolet Camaro 1969 vs Dodge charger 1969 vs Ford Mustang Fastback 1969 vs Pontiac GTO 1969. We compare Exterior …


20 Replies to “Best of 1969 Muscle Cars”


  2. Adolf J says:

    Where’s a 69 nova

  3. Ilhom Juraev says:

    Ford Mustang Fastback 1969 super car!!!

  4. SofaKingCool says:

    U dont your cars fuck face….The first car is a 1970 charger……Your title shud be?…..I dont know my 69ers…lol

  5. Dodge Charger is the fucking beast, just love this car! ❤

  6. Alisa Famuso says:

    I love dodge charger 1969

  7. Ace Buck says:

    left out 67-69 cougars with 351 cleveland's….

  8. özgür Kaya says:

    ohh shit awesome charger 😍

  9. Rick Richter says:

    Okay, so the best of '67, '68 AND '69
    is the Charger, the Camaro, the Mustang, & the GTO–and that's it…..for all three of your videos…..the same 4 cars.
    REALLY??? You couldn't change it up just a little? How about an AMX or a Cougar or a Vette or a Chevelle? NOPE!

  10. ecky1965 says:

    The charger is something else.

  11. CATREKT says:

    camaro is the clear winner for me with charger coming in second then the pontiac and then the mustang

  12. the dude in the Camaro dosent know how to drive

  13. the first charger is a 70's charger dumbass

  14. Tobi TV says:

    charger is der beste Ami der Welt

  15. 18436572 all the way baby!!!

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