Best of American Muscle Cars in Monaco 2017


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35 Replies to “Best of American Muscle Cars in Monaco 2017”

  1. U.S. national anthem playing in the distance

  2. Alexi Barona says:

    @ 1:17 that corvette is nice too

  3. Alexi Barona says:

    @ 1:52 damn that vipe is a fucking beautiful car

  4. Those V-10 Vipers sound like lawn mowers.

  5. Freddy says:

    These cars sound so much better than European cars…

  6. A Chauhan says:

    Weird American cars !!!

  7. Ruy Joy says:

    I don't understand why European film these cars. these cars are so cheap to a European. a Camaro v8 costs US30.000. working during a year it's possible to buy one in cash!!!

  8. Those rims on that graphite mustang were sick af

  9. toto wolf says:

    Gt350 please instead that crap gt

  10. dude at 2:50 dude said something to the driver i would have given him the finger and burned out crazy

  11. gearhead 400 says:

    Everyone's like "wow that's what torque looks like"!!

  12. kind foreigners, please help to collect a modest Russian guy a little money for a ford mustabg. I will be very grateful. yandex money 410013216859128

  13. snvff xxx says:

    that tape on the Ford GT's mirror..
    what a classy touch

  14. Ceasar Czar says:

    Wonder how many of those are getting the plates

  15. That first 2015 widebody Mustang Is the one sold in europea, just look at the tailigths

  16. These two in the violet Corvette are gay's : ) 2:02
    Look at his eyes : ) 4:05

  17. Where is the hellcat,?!

  18. Blue Flame says:

    This is why American cars are better the European

  19. That white Mustang at 3:47, that exhaust note is intoxicating, have mercy.

  20. Nathan w2803 says:

    Why the h*** all these American cars in another country?

  21. DJ JONES says:

    Had no ideal that many American cars were in Monaco

  22. Lionel M says:

    that stanced mustang at begining….damn !

  23. Markybo Jens says:

    i know that Orange Camaro, or that reminds me a one that i saw!!!

  24. wouter895 says:

    that camaro is loud

  25. Is it like this every day in Monaco or just special events like when the F1 event is happening?   I imagine all these different cars are not just locals but people from all over Europe there, right?

  26. Edrian1011 says:

    Those V8s sound beautiful

  27. ftldrdl says:

    who did the wide body on the black mustang?

  28. stuntz vlogs says:

    ford gt is not a muscle car

  29. Leon says:

    0:55 Ford GT with broken mirror ouch…

  30. cant believe we stopped producing the viper. wtf.

  31. Daniel says:

    2:27 – This face says everything 🙂

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