BEST of Muscle Cars ( CRASH and FAIL #5 ) (PURE SOUND) (4K)


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40 Replies to “BEST of Muscle Cars ( CRASH and FAIL #5 ) (PURE SOUND) (4K)”

  1. James Harris says:

    That drift track announcer sounds like the same guy from NFS: Pro Street whenever you play career mode.

  2. consciousness admire manufacturer separation rely bet firm speed citizen fall.

  3. galaxybeing1 says:

    Great how the dumbass with the camera missed the flip at 3:54.

  4. galaxybeing1 says:

    Only bad thing about muscle cars is the idiots who can't drive them.

  5. Mike Roberts says:

    It broke my heart on the Sublime green 70 Cuda

  6. When in trouble
    1. Give more gas
    2. Close eyes
    3. Crank wheel

  7. I really tried to watch this. It has caused my heart to hurt so bad. Oh the tears of pain.

  8. F M says:

    hahahahaha "completely my fault"…no shit dumbass!!!! u were driving!!!

  9. Drake krome says:

    Ahahahah love seeing American muscle junk crash now they're going where they belong. The junk yard

  10. Carl Schock says:

    Are the camera operators monkeys?

  11. Alot of people don't know how to control power in a car u have people that can drive n people that can DRIVE!!!! Like the quote! From Dirty Mary Crazy Larry it's not the car it's the DRIVER!!!!!

  12. Steve Jones says:

    These guys should take up knitting for a hobby, instead

  13. Donald Falk says:

    Not muscle cars…..Sport cars and vintage race cars. The video said "FAILS"   not successes.

  14. Nicky Hill says:

    This is absolutely wild, I luv this s***! Got some great footage on “H Bomb Baby”, but for my next song video this crazy stuff has gotta be in!

  15. tuan side says:

    watchin these dumb ass really made my day

  16. LOL! American cars are so shitty they can't even go in a straight line! haha!

  17. J Laski says:

    The guy in camaro did pretty good job

  18. Skargun says:

    How is this in 4k? Idiot

  19. 😄 horse 🐴 power plenty… brains or driving skills -0

  20. Cindy Kelly says:

    Look at me I'm an American

  21. What's soo good about cars crashing

  22. Jane Book says:

    At 4.42 bet "dad" had wished he fired that load in the nightstand drawer

  23. dw coop says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 👍😂

  24. GreenLit says:

    At 3:05 who's dumb enough to park their car in a spot where there a chance of another person running into it.

  25. ecky1965 says:

    "sorry dad" Is Dad fucking blind ?????

  26. Mark Solarz says:

    Best of dumb ass drivers!

  27. Muscle cars?? Haha that's funny. Most of the video was filled with modern trash.

  28. Justin Bayly says:

    theres always someone who "told you"

  29. Cgh Gf says:

    Got to admit last one seemed like the calmest crash ever and for there to be no sense of anger between driver and co driver amazing

  30. Demented One says:

    they have the money to buy these awesome machines but they lack the ability to operate them.

  31. ew1usnr says:

    When you push a car it can get away from you in half a heart beat.

  32. CrazyBear65 says:

    Some of those weren't musclecars. They stopped making musclecars in the 70s. Some of these were too new.

  33. ugly ass red corvette was a great crash. hate those things.

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