BEST of Muscle Cars ( CRASH and FAIL #8 ) ( PURE SOUND ) ( HD )


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35 Replies to “BEST of Muscle Cars ( CRASH and FAIL #8 ) ( PURE SOUND ) ( HD )”

  1. Lol the gy with rhe loose differential

  2. Smokey wheels and crash for your fans!!

  3. Tech Tonic says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it extra satisfying when Mustang drivers fail?

  4. 🤔 wonder who welded up the back half of that dart?
    never laughed so much !

  5. Phillip Wall says:

    Mustang suck't 🖓😛

  6. GD 02 says:

    Things are bad when you can't even go straight.

  7. Master Daddy says:

    The people at 2:30 are assholes. Guys rearend literally blows out from underneath the car and they laugh at that beautiful car. Shameful

  8. Doesn’t matter the video all I wanna hear over it is “he too old! He too old! He know better!” Classic

  9. muscle cars… neither do they go straight nor round a corner.

  10. Adan Galvan says:

    I know the guy in the gray 2015 camaro that hit the wall in the race track how did it get here

  11. Taj Lewis says:

    I see the main problem get out of American made cars 😂

  12. Tj Tice says:

    The old clutch burnout trick huh

  13. Sgt. Gunny says:

    What's up with you Yankees? You can't drive in a straight line without stacking it.

  14. I love watching people doing clutch burnout 😬

  15. American made trash cans rice buckets fail and laugh should be the title to this video

  16. Time 2:30 what a fuckin disaster..👍 up if you like the 2wheeler better lol the guy recording is a fuckin mess himself he had me laughin crazy😅😅😂😂😭😭😌😌😰😰

  17. fuck you says:

    That's what your mom said

  18. fuck you says:

    I'm rich but can't learn how to drive

  19. fuck you says:

    Get off of the trans brake

  20. Josh Stakey says:

    Don’t worry I’m a professional

  21. Anton Hiler says:

    at 2:40 I can smell the clutch through utube

  22. LukeTheJoker says:

    Surprisingly less Mustang videos than expected.

  23. Egypt Son says:

    the old clutch burn….and you thought you were the cool tire smoking guy… tsk tsk..

  24. That guy in the white mustang has shit for brains friends

  25. ali Servan says:

    It's not really fair to count drag races as fails. It's very difficult and those cars are run at ridiculously narrow tolerances. Most of the street ones though… well, OK, those drivers are morons.

  26. those dodge darts are junk unibody frameless crap ha ha ha ha.

  27. Don Piske says:

    Guy at 2:45. Congratulations! You just frayed your clutch!

  28. Big B says:

    There's just something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you see dumb fucks fuck up their own shit through stupidity.

  29. Robby Berry says:

    Smokes , drinks , and probly stays out late

  30. brian lowe says:

    was thomas scoope driving this?LOL

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