Best Of Old vs New Muscle Car


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Here you can see the best Dodge Chargers and Chevy Camaro and Ford mustang Shelby and Buick and Challenger 1967-1972 Send me your car videos here: …


23 Replies to “Best Of Old vs New Muscle Car”

  1. Mostly unsubstantiated.

  2. hovilig says:

    Where are the dickheads that complain in every single video that mustangs are very poor to handle ….it is the driver bitches …not the car

  3. Artur Freire says:

    Old…school forever & ever

  4. Can anyone give me challenger 2016 …….😊

  5. Donald Falk says:

    New "muscle cars" are just trying to look like the real ones from the 60's and early 70's. Cheap plastic cars.

  6. On 6:10 minutes,this is plaimouth,not dodge!

  7. Quasar 0406 says:

    New muscle sounds like children screaming compared to the pure lions roar of old muscle

  8. RED says:

    The Dodge Charger R/T 1968 and 70' are so beautiful __

  9. Old school, the best ever.

  10. dpreetam says:

    If I ever have a charger like that, I'd have to get a license plate that says BADGUY for it.

  11. David F says:

    Why do yank cars always look so ugly and they do not handle well, not even in a straight line……

  12. 0netyr says:

    old muscle clearly takes the win

  13. GTTeancum says:

    I'll agree with everyone that old is gold, but come on, the new ones are pretty awesome as well. Love em' all!

  14. Wheres the car on the thumbnail?

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  16. I like the old more but the new still looks nice

  17. I was expecting to see quarter mile races between the old and new muscle cars.

  18. Zero Cool says:

    2 small gripes. No GTO? and Corvette isnt a muscle car.

  19. old is gold 👌 same with hip hop and rap

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