Big Dent | Paintless Collision Repair | San Diego


Body Repair check out the latest paintless dent removal in San Diego from Dent Time.

39 Replies to “Big Dent | Paintless Collision Repair | San Diego”

  1. AppleIC says:

    Looks like nearly brand new😂

  2. tom thompson says:

    how did you get rid of the big scratch on the bumper that seemed to vanish

  3. Groot Baas says:

    Her comment was "It looks almost brand new" Almost being the operative word here.

  4. non si capisce nulla , troppo veloce il filmato

  5. TJ DEL says:

    about how much would that cost a person?

  6. Worked nicely. I wish the video was slower. I slowed it as much as possible. Just for fun I would not mind taking the course – if I were younger.

  7. I got into doing PDR after we had a big hail storm. Just about the time I got pretty decent at it, all of the hail damage was gone. We'd usually have one big hail storm about every 10 years and I made money doing conventional repairs and painting. Anyway, I gave it up when there was no more work around here. But damn, there has been several hail storms every year around here in Indiana for several years now. I keep saying I need to get back into it. It's really good money. Still have my rods and the plier dent puller. Can't find my light stand anywhere. Anyway, great videos. You're really good at this.

  8. Great job considering it should have gone through a paint shop..

  9. Wipsplash says:

    Awesome job. I have done a few of my own ping dents with success and I can appreciate how hard your dent was. A person needs a tremendous amount of talent and patience to do your kind of work. It's way above my pay grade.

  10. F1Dents says:

    Amazing work, takes a lot of skill and patience to do something like this.

  11. approximate cost of this repair??

  12. Cali Valley says:

    You have anyone in Fresno area? I'd be interested in learning this.

  13. B Patrick says:

    Would heating up the metal help?

  14. VSHTRAY says:

    Can you give an estimate? 3-5 Big dings on a 04 Lexus is300

  15. Melver Piojo says:

    that's techniques are good and fast.. because that job 0ne of them using in auto denter here in kingdom of Saudi

  16. 필덴트 says:

    oh sorry
    I got it
    I ve't seen ur big gluetap
    could u tell me
    where can i buy it

  17. 필덴트 says:

    amazing job
    could u tell me the stucked like gum on the edge of the pulling road.
    we call this tool glue dent,and we use this with melted glue stick.
    maybe is ur country warm?
    usually hot wind is so useful for this big dent .

  18. amazing job to get that crease out like that

  19. Gregg Powers says:

    Beautiful job. I see there was paint damage. Probably should have gone into a paint booth In my opinion.

  20. Mike O'Grady says:

    Show this to Sal for me Please!

  21. 17madracki17 says:

    Are you guys set up in Ontario Canada

  22. How come you chose not to stress relieve the damage prior to pulling?

  23. 文平 says:

    good!tool size?

  24. maldo72 says:

    whats the cost to do a job like that

  25. Serg Stroble says:

    i have a 2004 audi a4 in South Carolina that was totalled by my insurance. i would love to have you come out and do a video of repairing it, as i think it can be done.

  26. Serg Stroble says:

    i have a 2004 audi a4 in South Carolina that was totalled by my insurance. i would love to have you come out and do a video of repairing it, as i think it can be done.

  27. Молодцы!! работа на максимум!!

  28. Daniel Salas says:

    dam you guys are good what part of san diego are you guys at ?????

  29. Jared Morgan says:

    I've been scanning a few Paintless dent repair videos to get an idea of what I can do different. My sister ran into our old Ford Truck while practice driving in the back yard, and left a nice big dent across the Right Front Fender. Pulling the fender will be easy. I've beat dents out of body work before from my personal vehicle after being hit and not wanting to deal with waiting for a simple fix. I've learned that some heat goes a long way with these newer cars' body panels also. You're the second video I've seen use tools to do the job. I'd like to take a course like this because I could really use the knowledge, given my poor luck with other drivers, and now my sister getting on the road.  Looked good to me!

  30. Kam Bansal says:

    looks STEEZEE to me Myke

  31. TheBebo2911 says:

    It`s amazing. You are right! It`s not a job, it`s art. I`ve been a student in a german school for dent repair last year. How long is your course? Greets Patrick

  32. Ответственно повозился, как надо! like!

  33. Great job. How much is the school and for how long? Also where is the school located? Thanks!

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