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Best Sounding. Muscle cars madness sound 2018 #3 #musclecarsound #bestmusclecars #bigenginespower.



  1. BIG ENGINES POWER – MUSCLE CARS SOUND 2018 #4 – – – – –

  2. The custom car featured is what I like.

  3. no se que quieren demostrar pero se me hace lo mas estupido maltratar a un carro clasico como esos hasta destrosar el moto y danar la calle y contaminar el aire de esa forma deberas que hay que ser imbecil para creer que eso es de personas inteligentes

  4. Is it just me or is that thumbnail look like a Dodge Charger desperately trying to be a station wagon?. I had to do a double take lol.

  5. Deez Nuts says:

    Supercharger hemi eargasm

  6. Peter Lee says:

    4.48 YYYY Do u Want a Shit Diesel BlackSmoke NO good 4 any Country. in UK 2020 There Banning all Diesel. GOOD THEM Clean Air ???

  7. Buen día, que raro que algunos de esos carros que son americanos, traigan el volante al lado derecho, quiero pensar que el video esta en posición de negativo, 🏁🏁🏁🚗🚗🚗🚗

  8. 3:48 That supercharger should like Ric Flair.

  9. What's that muscle car on the thumbnail

  10. M W says:

    small dick owners

  11. Lincoln LS says:

    Mustang that spun out cut in front of that White Mustang to cause it to wreak and crash into the wall…

  12. Zogin media says:

    2:23 What is the name of this car?

  13. glockumollie says:

    I really don't see what's so cool about just power braking it just to sit there and burn the rubbers off of your tires. I thought the Idea was to get the biggest widest tires on the car to keep the spinning down for good traction so you could get going faster but these guys are just burning off the rubber as if that were the objective. Now I understand the difference of what I just spoke of compared to drifting and I understand that drifting is a whole different game and I really dig drifting it's a lot of fun and it teaches you how to control a car that is driving like a bat out of hell in either a chase or a get away so I'm coo with drifting I just think sitting still and just stripping all the rubber off them rims is stupid and the smoke will kill you it is horrible to inhale that smoke.

  14. Scrolling through the comments to find out who the owner of the G8 is.

  15. Corvette, camaro and others are muscle? ok

  16. lion lion says:

    Fuck all the Canadians they are bitches retarded disgusting smelly bitch stupid cowered mother fuckers

  17. Talon Vaughn says:

    Did you see the white stang almost smash that dude? I hate diesel engines. Sooting and rolling coal is dumb as f.

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