Crash Tests 2016 American Muscle Car – Mustang, Camaro & Challenger


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Because no one buys a sports car to drive in the slow lane, the best all- around occupant crash protection is crucial. IIHS evaluated 2016 models of the …


33 Replies to “Crash Tests 2016 American Muscle Car – Mustang, Camaro & Challenger”

  1. It looks like those muscle cars have a tendency to lose the front left tire in those collisions.

  2. PGm issa says:

    Teylan Carreathers i have heard so many people who bought Challenger hellcats as soon as they bought it out the dealership Crashed lol bad safety dodge i feel bad for dodge and chrysler owners especially jeep i know dodge makes them so ya

  3. PGm issa says:

    Check f150 vs silverado vs ram f150 did the best less damage. Ram has done the worst ever horrible safety poor dodge owners have to go throw lol

  4. PGm issa says:

    Newer cars are getting worse

  5. om naik says:

    What was the speed of these cars

  6. Cheese Main says:

    I own a hellcat guess I am dead

  7. Emma A says:

    When the mustang crashed I cryed

  8. -2 Zf says:

    تف تف تف تف

  9. They crashed a challenger and i cant even afford one

  10. KingSlothTv says:

    Challenger did best

  11. -SpOnG- says:

    mustang sucks ass

  12. Yedu Krishna says:

    Instead of hitting I you should give it to me ?

  13. Give me this cars please don't crush this cars I need to ride on this cars

  14. All these cars are part of the American muscle it hurts me to see them get wreck 😰😰

  15. KRATOS 805 says:

    Mustang and camarro literally just fell apart.. dam tires just went flying..

  16. RRIA AMERICA says:

    It's the driver not the car—- the drivers of the mustang suck and that's why the are bowling balls at bowling alleys. Someone can do the same with every car. Because the drivers suck. So shut up.

  17. Poor, poor challenger 😭😭

  18. Noooooooooooooooooooo camaro no Nice video no

  19. It was cool watching the big ball of plastic fly out of the engine bay on the first Chevy

  20. selfmade840 says:

    Why do. New car smash like that only at 60mph

  21. Before: ford mustang
    After: porsche 911 carrera

  22. Scott Hall says:

    Best thay can do with the fords

  23. How did the Dodge do good in the beginning and not the end?

  24. Kami Kaze says:

    Das sind keine Autos wenn A und B Säule sich verbiegen und sich das Dach und hintere Kotflügel sich bewegen . Das Blech ist minderer Qualität die Fahrgastzelle nicht in tackt ist .

  25. thats one way to remove a wheel..

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