Crazy street accelerations and burnouts,insane sound of muscle cars,rat rods and super cars


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Dangerous driving,street burnouts,accelerations in muscle cars,rat rods,hot rods and super cars leaving car show.This sound will blow your mind.Be ready for …


45 Replies to “Crazy street accelerations and burnouts,insane sound of muscle cars,rat rods and super cars”

  1. Wheels says:

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  2. Luka Klick says:

    Damnnn that slomo cam

  3. Jan Norris says:

    Stupid fuckin tough guy. On a public street? really? Dumb ass.

  4. dean fisher says:

    i like the two door facon at 2;20 similiar to the 66xr facon gt four door we have in nz 289hi-po

  5. Pro Munro says:

    First and best burnout i ever saw a yank do

  6. Chris Goffe says:

    Australian Summernats is WAY better!!!

  7. That was REALLY BITCHIN'.

  8. Jan Norris says:

    Hey tough guys, do you not see the fucking people,on the sidewalks 10 feet away? Idiots.

  9. tripjet999 says:

    Take the reckless driving to the RACE TRACK, NOT the public roadways!


  10. That slow mo made me throw my phone.

  11. Kayla Dawn says:

    I love that car and I love donuts and burn outs as much as the next girl, and normally as long as there isn't a bunch of people around I won't do anything and just watch. But with what he did and that he came close to hitting that truck I would have pulled him over.

    please guys be safe when you do this stuff your not the only ones out there.

  12. Bob V says:

    Where the hell are they coming from, looks like a neighborhood

  13. wq1299 says:

    2:10 Haha, weak @ss automatic Corvette. What a pansy. I mean I cannot believe they even make such a thing!

  14. Cole Durr says:

    Some people's have the money and no idea how to drive them

  15. david horan says:

    just fill it up with slow motion repeaters

  16. jbr496 says:

    Hate to be the people that live on that corner. You'd have to be a car person.

  17. 289pinto says:

    Nice video and nice cars thanks

  18. 1:10 american did a real burnout so gotta replay it in slow motion

  19. That one car that had a lot of smoke and was in slow motion sounded like when gta starts freezing on you when you drive a car. Lmao who agrees with me😂

  20. k.h says:

    the mustang at 2:02 ahahahahahahah broke ass exhaust pipe too…smh

  21. Liam Palmer says:

    I love the people that wake up and just think Fuck it I'm gonna do what I want, then you get a vid like this 😁

  22. John P says:


  23. everybody thinks we so dumb in the south …but bring ur little honda down here …we will show u somthin

  24. dave doyle says:

    And that there is the sound of canada muscle get it right fool 66 b.b.c

  25. Bunch of needle-dicked wankstains !

  26. BPags24 says:

    2:04 one wheel peel, haha

  27. Mike Gee says:

    at 2:05 – whaaaa…? the mustang didnt crash???!! ( guess the LACK of pedestrians curbed its demonic hunger !)😂😂😂

  28. love my country. God bless America and true Americans.

  29. That Chevelle was gettin it!!!!!!

  30. wholey fuck at 2.20 aussie ford yay

  31. Rob Dawg says:

    that purple shit stang was weak haha

  32. SPEEDKILS says:

    the old dude in the 66 chevelle been doing some practice behind the shop n bag for 50 years ,mad props

  33. Randy Velez says:

    this video gave me the biggest chubby!👍

  34. OvalWingNut says:

    Gee, just reminds me of a bunch of kids SCREAMING FOR ATTENTION… Just saying. BTW, "smoke" don't win races.

  35. Paul Keller says:

    everything about that chevelle is awesome

  36. I had 3 masturbates in the time it took for that slo-mo. thanks.

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