Dodge Caliber. Auto body repair. Ремонт кузова машины.


Body Repair

Repair a back fender and front part of the car. Ремонт заднего крыла и переда машины.

29 Replies to “Dodge Caliber. Auto body repair. Ремонт кузова машины.”

  1. Mac gyver says:

    Arthur thanks for take your time make these nice videos
    I'm learning a lot with you
    I enjoy your videos and when I'm doing repair I always remembered of you
    Many thanks

  2. Arthur the dent puller that you have what mark is it , did you buy it from state , ?

  3. adres i seni skolki skajiti vi skoklka kupita etat unikar

  4. Zdrastvite Artur brat kak mojna kupit stent unikar ya toji mastir ucnika avto jistyanki pmagiti mine kupit unikar ?

  5. Not safe but I have to say great craftsmanship… !

  6. Jorge Vidal says:

    ótimo excelente profissional Parabéns

  7. russell mann says:

    Boy you sure do a fine job! 🙂 keep up the good work!

  8. R3sistance24 says:

    Thanks for sharing! What kind of stud welder was that with the built in puller?

  9. The car was totalled beyond a genuine repair.
    But the guy sure showed how its done the russian way. 👍👍👫

  10. Tdevil80 says:

    you are an artist at work!!!!

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  12. Отличное, познавательное видео! Для облегчения Ваших трудов советую отличный автоинструмент

  13. BAD REPAIR! Those front rails should have been replaced. Once structural parts like that have been weakened they have to be replaced! Those rails will break if the vehicle got hit in the front again. That rear body panel should have been replaced too. HE CRACKED THE FREAKIN SEAM SEAL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! You can't return that car with cracked seam seal. It ill start to leak and water will get in the trunk and begin to rust the damn trunk floor! BAD REPAIR! UGH!

  14. sniper117332 says:

    Тянем-стукаем и так всю жизнь…

  15. Ulrich Kraft says:

    Артур, а где вы находитесь? (территориально). Я бы к вам со своим калибром подъехал. На ремон)

  16. StavService says:

    супер !!! Вот бы мне так!!!

  17. 48rxxygm says:

    My sister can repair this

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