Epic Test Drives – Muscle Cars and Pony Cars


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Special thanks to Fast Lane Classic Cars, for allowing the use of their vehicles, and to our friend Tom Abbett, for handling the driving duties. This really is a …


33 Replies to “Epic Test Drives – Muscle Cars and Pony Cars”

  1. John Deer says:

    alot well they all do

  2. John Deer says:

    the yellow gsx look nice

  3. Whipple says:

    I need this job lol

  4. That sound. That wonderful, powerful, American sound. Thank you for making these short films. This is the best stuff on YouTube.

  5. I need one of theese, i dont care if its fast or slow just bring it

  6. if my son ever buys a muscle from some shop he will check your cars 1st, great video and musclecars!

  7. That looks like the funniest day ever. The best muscle car compilation ever. You let the muscle do the talking.

  8. During that in-car video of the Nova SS, was that pinned? If so, it didn't look very fast. In fact, I'd wager my extremely mildly built Nova 350 pulls harder than that 396.

  9. jw edgerly says:

    Oh,by the way,when doing a burnout in the Roadrunner, you have to hit the MEEP!MEEP! horn!

  10. jw edgerly says:

    Love it! Can someone explain why the Cobra R was the 2nd most expensive? I Know they were limited editions for those who had special track license.(correct me if I'm wrong) I currently own a 69 roadrunner with 440. 69 Cobra 428 4spd fastback. 2009 Shelby GT500. And 2013 Challenger R/T Classic. Been called a MOFO a couple of times. Would love to shoot videos and submit to you tube. Someone tell me how. Burn outs in a 35mph zone! Again,Love it! Keep up the good work.I hardly watch t.v. anymore.

  11. Mike Adamson says:

    I wish i had a job that i could drive muscle cars everyday. Wow . The best .

  12. janet tharpe says:

    thnxs for this I have watched 7+  since you put it up as these are the cars I saw growingup — I had 65 'Tang -67 Camero RS  327  3 speed

  13. DONDIVA1969 says:

    1970 GSX "Hemi Killer"

  14. CTJacob says:

    That GTO at 13:00 has a unique sound to it.

  15. Ryder276 says:

    About the best damn video i have seen on you tube in a long time!

  16. Man, I love the sound of that 427 Corvette.

  17. I truly think this is one of the best ways to get the cars sold. Looking at these cars parked is nice but when the car is alive the sound of the motor and running through the gears. well you get a whole different experience that you cant get just looking at the same car parked.  

  18. Wow!!! that was fun watchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing all those bad ass muscle cars run down the road. I did not know that Fast Lane had such a bad ass inventory of some of the Best! high performance cars ever built. I want all of them. If I won the Loto I would be there the next day to purchase that black 67/68 Camaro 4spd that car. That one has big balls for sure and a killer thumping cam, would like to know the guy who built that motor.
    As always you did an impeccable job on the video. Thanks!!

  19. bill mil says:


  20. LecterJ says:

    14:54 minutes of pure awesomeness !

  21. WOW!!!!  Excellent!!!! Ready to take my car`s out…After the snow leaves  🙁

  22. rtmax1 says:

    que belleza de autoss!!!

  23. B Simmons says:

    Whew. That is one mean car. Sounds like it means business too.

  24. Dale Cocking says:

    you need to upload more of this kinda stuff 🙂

  25. briefman49 says:

    are you no longer doing vids for Fast Lane?  Only vids I have seen lately have been for Country Classics.

  26. Gabe Musashi says:

    so much car porn can't possibly be legal. now you and a bunch of friends need to drive them all at the same time to make some global warming, this winter shit's for the birds.

  27. SuperJanety says:

    Thanks for your work 😉 Best cars in my opinion. Good video,good time's,amazing nostalgy.

  28. efitter7 says:

    Bad Ass video guys! I have to say that 66' fastback was my favorite.Thanks for sharing,

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