Hot Wheels Muscle Cars – December 7th, 2015


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Join me as I am opening blister packs of new cars and talking about some of the great new cars I found last week plus a review of older models and storage …


7 Replies to “Hot Wheels Muscle Cars – December 7th, 2015”

  1. The one at 8m 05s with the bright orange windows was based on the Citroen DS, which the casting "Tour De Fast" is also derived from.
    12m 20s-They did make the 2+2 years previously in a creamy white with two gorgeous blue stripes & classic numbers on it, as well as Champion tampos.

  2. never put 5 spokes on a CORVETTE

  3. love the Rivera at 3:57 and the ford fairlane at 5:19

  4. shesnailie says:

    The four station wagons @23:02 – what's their Hot Wheels name so I can look for one on eBay? Oh, and the blue car from the same tray that you didn't show?

  5. NISMO says:

    Killer collection

  6. hey toy car collector ,an awesome video as usuall with some really sweet looking rides, what a very cool collection you have, thank you for sharing brother !

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