How To Auto Body | How To Do Auto Body Repair | How To Repair Auto Body | Auto Body Repair Video


Body Repair Please Click Here To Learn More! How To Auto Body | How To Do Auto Body Repair | How To Repair Auto Body | Auto Body Repair …

33 Replies to “How To Auto Body | How To Do Auto Body Repair | How To Repair Auto Body | Auto Body Repair Video”

  1. When your dis likes r more than your likes that usually means u done f-up lol

  2. RoyBoss says:

    Need your PPE on safety 1st.

  3. Have you hear a man tell you ,,oh nobody shows me ,This, I learned my self..well there you go.

  4. Jon A says:

    I grind it flat.. me grind you long time ok GI

  5. Idea 312 says:

    You could of just done pdr from the start … this was just sad

  6. I couldn't understand what the hell he did 😳 he didn't do nothing
    He didn't Show how to put bondo
    And he didn't show how to put primer

    No steps

    No paint
    No clear
    I don't know what to say

    My grandma can do it better than him 🤣

    Well anyways good luck 🍀👍🏻

  7. fatah Ali says:

    but frist of all protect your self

  8. fatah Ali says:

    You distroyed a good area

  9. fatah Ali says:

    is this a joke anytime you stop and start I was laughing

  10. hooii man!!!!!! next time practice on an old piece of metal!!!!!

  11. Vik Bedi says:

    you should be blocked for wasting other people time

  12. boared21 says:

    um , that guys is aware that's a die gender and not a DA , right ? I don't do body and I know that's not how you do it … lmao some people man !

  13. glad I fast foward it or I would of watched 7 mins of grinding lol

  14. I just started auto body repair for the first time, I'm pretty sure this is not what I should pay attention to. lol

  15. SN95 says:

    I have never witnessed any repairs even come close to what is happening here. I've been in the game for 10 years.

  16. holy fuck bruh you not sopost to let the grinder get hot it worps the metal

  17. mjr102395 says:

    Is this auto body shop in Haiti

  18. Mark Kotyk says:

    Got it.
    Step 1.  Destroy vehicle with grinder.
    Step 2.  Buy new vehicle.

  19. TM XPOZURZ says:

    you need a mask bro that shit kills people

  20. Parth S says:

    At least have some safety glasses on brother.

  21. sal lorio says:

    youre kidding right no part 2?

  22. Jose A C says:

    Yo Camu bring me the grinder im gona grind the shit are this bitch

  23. gshffr says:

    You're a tool. That was pointless and looks like shit.

  24. pitbullpopz says:

    run that sander on your head

  25. I think you should have titled it "part 1" 

  26. nice, thats a good repair 

  27. wow great job looks like new again your a real pro LOL

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