How to do Auto Body Repair and Paint with NO air compressor


Body Repair

You can do it at home. step by step instructions on this repair.

33 Replies to “How to do Auto Body Repair and Paint with NO air compressor”

  1. Fly me out n teach me !

  2. Rich Hill says:

    Thanks man. Gives confidence to us rank amateurs. Really respect your videos.

  3. martyn kent says:

    for novice like me, its very helpful and informative,
    thank you for taking the time to make this video

  4. What exactly does the "perfect it" compound do? You didn't explain.

  5. I was gonna get me a nice Jenny compressor for the shop but after seein' this vid I Might as well just have u come over and blow off my cars 😉

  6. Bob Loblah says:

    Why does anyone waste their time fixing rust on those Midwest crusty rusty piles of shit? Waste of money and it won't stop the spread of rust no matter how good your work is.

  7. I'm glad I have some of the tools you have

  8. vikeirishman says:

    How the hell did you get that black to match!!! = Thanks so much dude!!!!

  9. i keep burning through the filler with the block though so its taking longer

  10. ive got power tools but no compressor yet but im doing well so far with the random orbit and block. everything you stated at the beginning its happening outside on my driveway, im gonna put up a huge tarp for primer n paint

  11. Allen H. says:

    Man this guy is good. Great Job. Great video. Thank you.

  12. Thank you for this video.

  13. Lee Sanders says:

    As long as they look good under the lights at the sale. I cut my teeth here in the South re-repairing work like this from used car dealers who would buy them at the sale then bring them to us to get ready for the lot. Either that or their customers would be in the shop 4 months later wondering why their car was full of holes! I came to really respect people who did this kind of work. It kept us busy making money! Guys would say " you're from Tennessee, you don't have to deal with salt damage" Ha! Great video!

  14. John Doe says:

    I don't have those tools or any experience. I can only imagine me with a really ugly paint job if I attempted it. It would be ugly.

  15. ouR. Hedge says:

    hahaahaha  now that was some funny caveman shit there- Great video though, loved the legal disclaimer…

  16. How come you didn't use spray can clear coat?

  17. Alex K says:

    We love you! From Canada!

  18. SP392 says:

    I did this to fix the rot around the gas door on a 01 Malibu and it came out awesome – screwed up the first time by using too much spot putty, had to rip it all out and start over but the end result was awesome, rattle can blend FTW!!

  19. Jim Monheim says:

    whats your facebook page?

  20. Patrick Finn says:

    Just buy a new tailgate if you can't do it correctly.but this type of home repair keeps my pockets fat.. So HACK AND PACK IT UP

  21. would you do a video on how to paint or correct a fron lip or how to paint on plastic bumper ?

  22. I admire the TLC you put into your work. Thank you so much for sharing your step by step instructions. Most importantly, you did that…Awesome! =)

  23. Ali Umar says:

    Thank you for the good video.
    I have a gallon of Bondo body filler that has got a bit dry for sitting in my garage for a few years. I would like to know whether there is any kinds of chemical I can add to it to make it softer and easier to appy it on the body. Thank you

  24. Trixie Mynx says:

    I would of used led to fill in the rust hole.

  25. Earl Glase says:

    have been looking for a video like this.. and here is the reason why… I have an 08 Ford Expedition that has rust in the EXACT locations as this Tribute… there is an issue with the factory paint process and the panels are aluminum.. got contaminants in the process and now the paint bubbles badly. Happens with this year and even into the 14 and 15 yr models.. so… thanks for the video!!!!!!

  26. Lydia L says:

    Wow, impressive.  Considering what you used, I thought it turned out pretty amazing.  It's helpful if people can't afford the body shop, or for minor fixes, which is what I looked it up for.  I bought a used car, it has a small line where the paint is bubbling on the front edge of the hood.  I don't want it to get worse, so have considered tackling it myself.

  27. You pretty much don't have shit, yes um huh Sumbich!

  28. MAD MAX says:


  29. Lora Brown says:

    i love you lol this showed me a lot. I just slid into a railing and cracked a few pieces off my front end. I am going to try to fix it up with your tips and a few other 🙂 ty <3

  30. you can't bash on this guy that much. he used primer before the base. look at other guys paint cars. look up haggard garage Infiniti I 30. they didn't even use primer! there was a huge dent in the trunk too. I'm ase cert. for auto col. and this was a pretty good repair. yea, it'd be easier if you had a paint booth ($50,000-100,000) or a quality paint gun (300-400) but if you're just trying to get a quick repair in with good knowledge of how to do it w tools that cost way more, you could do the same on a budget.

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