How to leave a Muscle Car Show like a BOSS!! ( Cars & Coffee ) ( Pure v8 Sound )


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28 Replies to “How to leave a Muscle Car Show like a BOSS!! ( Cars & Coffee ) ( Pure v8 Sound )”

  1. Lol. The two Camaros at the end. (fart)

  2. Lotsa good, safe burnouts and straight launches. Even the Mustangs. Lol

  3. real nice split bumper camaro 2:08 … lots of nice muscle !

  4. Whats the car at 2:35? such a beast

  5. Eric Mims says:

    I don't know if that was a Monte Carlo or a Grand National. But it made me cream in my jeans 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  6. Lol @ the truck burning out 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Burnouts are for the race track,Not the street! I`ll never do that leaving a car show!!!

  8. Bruce white says:

    the guys that build there own cars know what they can do

  9. I clicked for that badass 66 chevelle in the thumb nail.

  10. justwired says:

    what kind of moron puts low profile tires on a drag car

  11. Turder says:

    look, a mustang that didn't crash

  12. Cant wait to see a tesla do this !😂🤪🚗💨💨💨

    Criminals at night in a black tesla

  13. curt5253 says:

    the trick is to have bleach shot out on the tires by a window washer pump..pure white smoke!

  14. curt5253 says:

    where was this at?

  15. DNR5586 says:

    Cutlass @ 1:31 was the best.

  16. Jack Johnson says:

    you can make any car white smoke by power braking it let off the brake Let It Go

  17. Paul Thomas says:

    I dont suggest standing near a mustang doing a burnout, crowds are like mustang magnets.

  18. will013071 says:

    Appears that most of them are all show and no go… if you have to hold the brakes to get the tires to spin

  19. conflykt says:

    Lot of Lebanon NY clips here!

  20. sam jones says:

    Morons on parade….!

  21. Ian says:

    Not impressive when the older cars with 14×7.5 rims do a burnout. Some of them even have to brake torque it. Today a Honda Civic is faster than those cars. LOL

  22. Dale Bulmer says:

    OH, the poor Nova didn't sound so good have the burnout!

  23. Fucking up the public streets and taxing us for it.That would be hilarious if one of the woodchucks lost control and fuck some shit up

  24. joey cardoza says:

    the 2nd gen Camaro at 2:09, Bitchen!

  25. Peter Keeler says:

    SORRY…… soon as I see a FAGS are furious car………….I'm done.

  26. Scott H says:

    To drive out of their nice peaceful and calm do obey traffic laws and you drive home and reminisce on how you got to see your friends and other cool cars doing burnouts and speed down the road that's not like being a boss that's like being an idiot

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