How to Repair Damaged Clear Coat – Auto Body Repair Hacks Revealed


Body Repair

In this video I am going to not only show you how to repair peeling, chipped or worn out clear coat. I am going to show you how to do a spot repair and blend the …

20 Replies to “How to Repair Damaged Clear Coat – Auto Body Repair Hacks Revealed”

  1. Great detailed, enlightening video! ❤️ Your dry sense of humor😄. I have a E38 that’s peeling and this video helps me a lot on doing it myself and save money! Awesome…thanks man‼️ Annemarie C.

  2. I'm the Man says:

    Too bad you're getting deported…

  3. NormalName says:

    Did you ever do that green Toyota?

  4. Brian Ramsey says:

    Link to the Elbow Grease? I search Amazon. LOL

  5. well done you know your trade excellent

  6. Very nice, what about using blender, did I just waste my money buying it?

  7. Wow that was fantastic! Thank you.

  8. William Dean says:

    Ironically if he just kept going a little bit farther to where the pillar ended he wouldn't have had that line to deal with.

  9. a can of clear blender would've helped out alot

  10. Vernon Ray says:

    Lol….what about faded black trim

  11. Mark B says:

    Oxideoff works faster and better you don't have to do all this bullshit

  12. One important step is missing, you did not remove oxidized layer. So you did nothing! Remove the oxidized layer using grit 1500 dry sand paper then once more wet with water, once more wet sand paper grit 3000 then do your clearcoat spry

  13. Well done! I was unable to find the link for the elbow grease though. Maybe A man's arm carries that?

  14. Just have a question, , why dont you just open the door to put the tape.. would it be much easier? Lol

  15. Hyunah Kim says:

    Good looking guy but not a man with integrity…

  16. Mike D says:

    Cool video….Thanks. Ok, might be a dumb question, but what if you hit it with some black paint first, even just a light/medium coat, THEN new clear coat? There must be some sort of spray paint that's suitable enough for cars and will accept a clearcoat……no? Sorry, I'm a n00b!

  17. Tim Clarke says:

    Did Autbody repair for yrs ,good video for touch up on old cars.Used similiar techniques on my old car.

  18. Jaime Bagtas says:

    very well sir, thanks.

  19. luGher says:

    very good tutorial, thanks

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