39 Replies to “How to Repair Rust and Weld Body Panels”

  1. m khan says:

    Welds on one side and then show the finishing on the other side of the car ,,, its dodgy deal not impressed

  2. Nothing like a fuckin blue ribbon baby

  3. I love the cursing n beer drinking. Makes me feel like i can relate. Lol

  4. Fuck, i don't have a car. why i watching this? Fuck !

  5. bayman50cal says:

    The f word must make him feel like an actual man.

  6. T R says:

    Pretty good stitch job… looks fine..

  7. I learned my lesson trying to fix rust. My 2002 Dodge Durango has got rust on all doors + hatch on corners and it's all through the metal and under the rubber seal strip. I've only tried to fix one door and I absolutely regret it, looks hideous. I started thinking "god I hate bondo, only works in smaller applications" then I realized I forgot it's just a body filler, and I'm trying to mold it into a new part of my door which rusted off when I angle grinded.

    Yup, gonna befriend a welder who'd help me or let me borrow one.

  8. cooling with air,water ,etc don't help!It WILL WARP!

  9. Why is everybody crying about the swearing? Take your bitch ass back to your safe space. You pussies act like youve never met a mechanic or repair person in your sheltered life. I hope this dude does a fabrication video for a large enough shovel to dig the sand outa your vaginas.

  10. Sam P says:

    How many beers does it take to fix a place that big?

  11. Don Desnoo says:

    ac aluminum case old swim pool or aluminum waterproof tape all good rivet .weld will make rust more .save that beer cam for next repair.

  12. nice job m8, nice to know i am not the only one who like an early beer too..thanks ..

  13. Crook Ed says:

    Thumbs up for average guys and beer

  14. Bill Nowlin says:

    If he left the 'F' bombs out, he would not be able to talk. He shows a lot of class, most of it is low. His Grand Mother should have washed his mouth out with soap when he was 10.!!!!!

  15. Great content man, I love the video quality and you're transparent as fuck which is awesome.
    This is the first of your videos I've watched, given what I searched was "Patching rusted body panels"
    I have a 1986 AE86 Corolla Coupe that I'm using as a learning tool while I go through a tech school Automotive Technician program. There's an oddly shaped spot that rusted out and personally I have zero welding experience, although like many I've used how to vids from YouTube to teach myself skill sets. what initial entry level advice would you give?

    Thanks man and I'll definitely be subscribing

  16. I've been a painter for years, when you get runs wipe it off quick , let it dry then light sand. Uncured paint is a bitch to sand

  17. Did you not grind the paint off where attached your ground clamp?

  18. drv73 says:

    Good vid man! I gotta do this shit up in Maine where vehicle inspections are done by pick asses!

  19. Pierre C says:

    I lol'd at the wednesday beer… we've all been there…

  20. did not know that cutting ball end off mig wire helps after cooling of wire cool shit!

  21. GRaham GOuld says:

    I don't have virgin ears but the swearing just spoils a good vid

  22. Don't like the talk move on. This work involves some fail mouth talk. This work isn't for everyone. I work on motors and do autobody repairs. I hit or cut my finger or head You will hear some G.D. IT or mother fucker. Great work you should've had a Budweiser

  23. Jeff DeBord says:

    i agree, does this guy have any tact

  24. Mike J says:

    He's canadian that's the way most of us talk it's cold up here. We're angry

  25. The Mars Man says:

    I know this is few years old but just so you know hardware stores sell metal Home Depot lowes

  26. some dude says:

    Personally, I like the cursing. Ignore em bitches with the virgin ears that can't handle the word "fuck". This vid makes me wanna grab a pbr and go weld up that fuckin rust hole in my truck right fucking now. Good job on the patch work mate.

  27. First and Last time on this show….. TOO MUCH FOUL LANGUAGE …..NOT NEEDED

  28. steve bigler says:

    While you are filling and prepping… be sure to run your oily fingers all over it…

  29. steve bigler says:

    Try to remember younger people are watching these vids too… so please watch your fucking language you asshole.

  30. sunny Dayys says:

    what kind of mig welder you have for your sheet metal?

  31. Charlie Gun says:

    You could some copper behind the gaps to help fill those in.
    But you did a fucking great job dude.

  32. cool video! I like that your not a professional and just giving it a go anyway. keep it up man don't listen to all the negative Nellies on here there just jealous they don't have as much try as you.

  33. Archie says:

    beer does not taste good

  34. NeATaNDtURdy says:

    what's your opinion on those filler with fiber glass?

  35. dirty language,beer->wild man😂

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