How To Straighten Metal On Car Parts


Body Repair

How to straighten metal on cars that have been wrecked. Learn the basic steps of the steps when your car is being repaired. FREE and paid access to training at …

46 Replies to “How To Straighten Metal On Car Parts”

  1. Fresh Texas says:

    donnie. Your videos are so informative and awesome!!!! you rock man

  2. What a shame! That repair was a perfect candidate for PDR. 😂

  3. Could you have used a leather wrapped wood slapper and dolly to paint less repair this?

  4. Thanks for this excellent lesson!
    Very helpful!

  5. Elaine says:

    How much this cost?

  6. warren oie says:

    Really liked your video. So many bodymen now days just know how to grind and fill Instead of bring the dent out so you don't have a lot of mud on your job. I know Money is the bottom line but it seems that the price of labor in todays market makes it so a lot of body parts are just thrown away instead of repaired. Very good instructor for this video. This man has paid his dues as far as learning is concerned. Thank You

  7. your measuring filler with the inch scale ? my max is the thickness of a dime

  8. Les Zapata says:

    Why would you ruin the paint with sanding, filler and repaint when PDR would have been an excellent technique here? It's overkill I cringed when the sanding started!

  9. Thank you so much Donnie for spending time that you didn't have to.. To teach us young bucks how to hone and sharpen our skills.

  10. hey Donnie so super random question here I defff wanna learn how to do this stuff do you think maybe a body shop would help me with the damages they throw out or what do you suggest

  11. I've spent most my life in Autobody industry (lic.)and give this video a thumbs up for it's clear and accurate tutorial on diy fenderbender.

  12. TheDomoBud says:

    let alone painless dent removal, that first dent you showed was so small I could have just used a fing plunger to take that bitch out

  13. BlackZero Rs says:

    This can be done using PDR glue and tools in just 15 mins of work without painting! WTF?

  14. Shane Rossbo says:

    I never realized taking a body file to a honda was wrong… I guess my 1962 metal straightening literature is a little out dated.

  15. surf403 says:

    thank you for making metal work easy to understand.

  16. 1988Husky says:

    Thank you! this helpes me alott, you are very good at explaining.

  17. Beesky505 C says:

    I just picked a 68' mustang.
    Gonna watch all of your videos before I start working on it. Thanks for the info!

  18. Eddie K says:

    Thank you so much for your work.   I recently got into this business.  Thank you for helping me learn.   EddieGood People

  19. Brings me back. Havent touched auto body since class in '04. Needed a refresher before I do my fender. Thanks!

  20. Little Wol says:

    I like his laymens terms explanation. but that dent would PDR out. and if that was a real life person exchanging money. I'm sure many would even be happy with the pop pout he did with his hands. lol

  21. just don't make it look better than factory. then you will notice it. lol.

  22. an important tip… you don't hit hard with the hammer
    I view many times amateurs that spoil completely their job because they hit too hard !

  23. The 80 grit sandpaper is kinda confusing. Isnt sandpaper used to smoothen out an area, not really add a fine powder? also, where can I buy a cheap version of that 80 grit? (I am new to all this repair stuff since I will be working on my first car)

  24. you remove the paint of this part

  25. Duane C says:

    I am a fan of paintless dent removal whenever possible. That dent would have been a good candidate for it.

  26. Gene Wiley says:

    I like the way he explains things while he works on it. also he gives little tips on the job. Thanks friend for sharing.

  27. Did you have to ruin the paint ? Modern techniques include using light

  28. heat gun would have done the trick

  29. JDPower 55 says:

    What an excellent tutorial on how to use the various techniques to repair metal. Thank you.

  30. I LOVE the FACT that a SOUTHERNER is the MOST KNOWLEDGABLE and ARTICULATE on all of YouTube about auto body repair!!

    The "confessions of a car nut" guy is good too.

  31. M Sanchez says:

    You could not have explained it better. You covered everything without making it too complicated. You're doing good work by continuing the education on a trade that many believe to be slowly dying. I hope not but they say someday every kind of panel will ship already painted ready for a minimum wage worker to bolt on. Robots will do the straightening of underlying structures. Who knows.

  32. TheJoeman11 says:

    Donnie Smith is a pro…and a natural teacher. Pleasure to watch!

  33. everything I learned in collision repair and refinishing class is right here to refresh the memory

  34. john smith says:

    You sir are an awesome tradie as well as trainer. Well done and thank you for all your time and effort you put into making these videos. I know from experience what it means to make a video of your work.

  35. this guy is great he now his stuff you can learn from this guy easy

  36. jammmjeeezy says:

    Hello can any one tell me were I can purchase some quality sanding blocks like the ones in the vid thanks !!

  37. S/SGen3/426 says:

    On a slightly different angle, I just really wonder why, it seems NO ONE can show me how to straighten warped sheet metal after being media blasted….my hood is out about 1/32th of an inch….SO many people have experienced this problem…now do YOU have the know how to show us how to do this?…..a challenge to your supposed expertise….
    If you do know how, I'd love to see your ability here.

  38. churchiesj says:

    PDR would smash this repair in 10 mins

  39. The book isn't available anymore, is there a way for me to get one?

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