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The Drive’s Sean Evans stops by Jay Leno’s Garage to hear the stories behind some of Jay’s favorite American muscle in his collection: ’71 Hemi Dodge …


47 Replies to “Jay Leno’s Favorite American Muscle Cars — /THE DRIVE”

  1. I 'LOVE' to just walk around in that place…

  2. thebentley71 says:

    must be nice to be a multi millionaire.

  3. SonOfDrTito says:

    5:26 If you look carefully you can see that it's Jay Leno & the Mrs Leno in the car.

  4. Jim Clarke says:

    Jay is a very switched on guy

  5. Abel Villa says:

    That 70 hemi challenger back in day was the best,like today modern srt hellcat demon is out of this world. Like leno said that modern srt would eat that old rt live, in my book old stuff are the best.

  6. It seems like Jay would get jaded with cars.

    When you can get whatever you want, then the excitement of getting something isn't great.

  7. Gray Matter says:

    Expect Jay to be the host when you guest him in videos about his cars.

  8. Jay Leno just talked me out of a 1972 Challenger in Australia. lol

  9. Monk Wales says:

    Hey jay, that challenger is my dream car, everything is perfect.

  10. Mr94Corvette says:

    Anyone else catch the money phrase? "You had to be a true enthusiast" Wow. Get Jay to say that about the car you own, and you have something.

  11. Jay: you need a new tire fitter because the wheel weights should be on the inside of the rim unless you don't give a shit about your rims.

  12. I love the Toronado's wheel design. It's those extra touches that make it into a real sleeper.

  13. Frank Biz says:

    I just love Jay and his passion for quality cars, or I should say, those pieces of artwork. The workmanship is beyond perfection!

  14. Nordi Mejia says:

    Damn… He has his first car. Inspiring

  15. cmphighpower says:

    Who knew he was so cool. Got to love those gear heads

  16. HemiHead664 says:

    Early 70's Challengers actually handled pretty good.

  17. Imagine the insurance bill

  18. wq1299 says:

    Ever hear that term dispensable cash? Well this is a prime example of that term!

  19. bud morse says:

    I would be a kid in the candy store

  20. G Dakota MD says:

    Great interview,its obvious the host is a douche and doesn't know anything about general automotive knowledge

  21. Jaleno gots good taste in automobiles

  22. By misstake I watched 5 min of this at 0,75 speed. Try it and see what Leno would sound like after a couple of whiskey shots 🙂

  23. is this 60 fps? it seems so even though it is not an option in the settings

  24. max penrose says:

    that drive guy is a clown I'm sorry you had to deal with him jay

  25. "Foot-pounds" makes sense to me. "Pounds-feet" never did.

  26. Jay could brag for days…but he is such a cool guy….the interviewer seems like a guy that just reads brochures….Jay builds what he likes

  27. Dolan Danger says:

    Late 60s early 70s Torino, Skylark, Galaxy anyone?

  28. Ralph Bethel says:

    maybe just better to be silient jay…

  29. 0-60 is like Al Bundy with sex. Over before you get started. Jay a magnificent collection. I applaud you greatly for saving the REAL ART WORK. Count your blessings-you're very fortunate-although I don't want your tax bills or insurance bills for that stuff. But thank you dearly for what you do.

  30. "It has nascar suspension so it can turn left." Is what he should've said.

    But in all seriousness great video and great cars. 👍🏻

  31. REM44MAG says:

    I love how modest he is about have a factory engine built and named after him…

  32. vanleer69 says:

    I noticed he doesn't have any classic trucks. I wonder if he be interested in buying and adding to his collection? Might have to send him an ole email

  33. Dick Cage says:

    i love how he keeps saying we. He means I paid someone to do it for me.

  34. Jake C. says:

    I'm beyond disappointed there's no 68-71 Chevelles, Novas, or Camaros.

  35. Bill Murray says:

    Great Video's with Jay as always!

  36. Andrew Samy says:

    ok, that tornado is the fucking shit.

  37. Jay … Your Hemi cars are lame because they aren't "balanced". They lack "balance". Their heaviness on the front takes away from their "balance". Sorry … tired your your "balance" spiel when you critique other cars. Balance isn't needed on drag cars.. God forbid a manufacturer push a car that direction …. hmmmm , like a Super Stock?

  38. zerocal76 says:

    why are u all talking shit about the other guy?? he's fine. he's letting Leno talk a lot that's a great Co host

  39. Florida '79 says:

    I've "walked" through Youtube, and I've only found a couple rare examples of a good Jay Leno interview, honestly, when there is just some "walz" from the street, and Jay's talking to you, and you aren't talking back, makes everything slightly awkward and one sided. Be more prompt, ask detail questions (foot pounds of torque, brake horse power), etc. Don't just stand about.

  40. Cuda man says:

    ill drive that 70 challenger on any road trip

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