New muscle cars vs old muscle part 1-sound,top speed,drag races and burnouts


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Music by Fodiator – No Reason -available on Itunes. Drag racing between modern muscle cars and old muscle cars.Hellcat,ZL1 Camaro,Camaro Z28,Shelby …


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  1. gsmith160 says:

    GlassTop has it about right… I am 64 and was around when most of those cars were new and running on the road.

    I still have magazines showing their quarter mile times… Only a handful of them were mid to high 13's but mostly all mid 14's AND low 15's… Radial tires were not even around then! I know, I had a 1968 442 auto (w-29) with headers only, and 'cheater slicks' out back. Best I could do at the track was a 15.1@97 ! This was in 1975…. Odometer around 55K at the time…

  2. MARS says:

    I would like to see a video of stock old school cars vs stock from today

  3. Hellcat 11.97
    Zl1 12.71
    Cobra gt500 13…and some change. Fattcat them apples! Hahahahahahhhahaha

  4. Alex Larsson says:

    Muscle cars for look and sound. Imports for higher tech and security and even fuel economy

  5. The old cars were pigs when compared with the current ones. Bad brakes and chassis and unsafe.

  6. The new cars may be faster, but the old muscle is so cool to listen to and to drive. Basically a piece of history.

  7. FlatBastard says:

    The new ones are technically better cars I guess… But FUCK THAT. Classics have so much more character.

  8. i just want to ask because i'm not from America and either i don't live there that cars eat too much petrol and how much cost the petrol for 1 liter?

  9. ryan welch says:

    dude sorry I love old school muscle cars and would prefer to have one but the new muscle cars would smoke almost all of them stock and everyone with a brain knows that. but like i said there is nothing like an old school lol

  10. Jose Montero says:

    I personally like the old muscle car their easier to maintain then new muscle cars

  11. Bassam Salma says:

    There is nothin like the oldies brother…………many will never understand

  12. zach m says:

    its cool and all that muscle cars these days are coming with 500-600hp from the factory, but they dont even sound or look like muscle cars anymore. they need to bring back that old school rumble, and old school body designs.

  13. Ryan LeBlanc says:

    Mustangs and Camaro's aren't even muscle cars anymore

  14. Jack Frost says:

    well for a old mod vs new stock, stock is better obviously but we all know the classics have way more in the looks category

  15. new muscle cars suck my sick old muscle cars come live with me

  16. Would've been better if they were all stock.

  17. baddpeachez says:

    there is something about an old school black muscle car that is captivating

  18. bubs dixon says:

    old muscle cars any day

  19. I'll put my Hellcat and Demon stock with only an added roll cage vs anyone one of your old ass cars. And I've got my eye on the Excorsit as well. Shit fuck around put a Tesla up and embarrass those old cars by leaps. Imagine how. shitty you'd feel losing to car that doesn't even make sound.

  20. Nothing beats original Muscle

  21. haha challenger still smoker that mustang even after having late start

  22. wat ever floats ur boat.stick with it

  23. oLD sKooL, something new school will never be. Horsepower for new cars is always the excuse. That's because of the obvious modern technology. You drive a hellcat, it might get some speed, but it's like driving a fast prius wtf. Get in a metal 60s-70s car that rumbles and shakes like a wooden roller coaster, then you'd know you just drove a real car. New cars with their bing bong noises, prius mpg, back up cameras, airbags, beep boop buttons, prius interior, built in gps, handicap everything, plastic everything. PUSSY SHIT

  24. Wolf Pack says:

    the mustang 71-73 is nice

  25. T. E. Q says:

    Old muscles, with new engines

  26. Jason Luera says:

    seems to me that these guys/girls in the newer cars just dont have the same skill level as the people in the older models. most of em cant even do a decent burnout………

  27. Ricky Parker says:

    New muscle cars look like shit.

  28. Dres2000 says:

    Plymouth Barracuda or GTX anyone?

  29. Tony Bend says:

    I prefer old muscles.

  30. G0BLiN says:


  31. not fair test cannot 100% disable traction control. do it old will win.

  32. Manuel says:

    I want a old and new muscle car when I grow up

  33. Kavis Poole says:

    Old muscle cars! They are the Bees knees…

  34. ParadiseNMH says:

    That burnout attempt at 4:30 was hilarious! At least he won with a 11.4.. Hopefully that wasn't a hellcat though.

  35. TOP 10 GAMER says:

    the traction control is a problem in the first Chalenger vs cherger

  36. Saul Sanchez says:

    I really preferred Classic Muscle cars like 1970 chevell and 60s cars

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