Old vs New Muscle Cars – Mustang vs Camaro vs Charger


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Here you can see the best Dodge Chargers and Chevy Camaro and Ford mustang Shelby and Buick and Challenger 1967-1972 Send me your car videos here: …


42 Replies to “Old vs New Muscle Cars – Mustang vs Camaro vs Charger”

  1. DavidJR

  2. 6:45 Carroll Shelby must be rolling in his grave! Such abuse. He'd be the first to tell you. It was made to go in a straight line quarter mile!

  3. Lenny Fleury says:

    chart give fence rate increased dry widely killing more.

  4. Jose Soares says:

    I don't get it lotts of power with those donuts tires common

  5. John SWAG says:

    random vid's and picture makeing this clickbait fuck you Car vs Car idiot

  6. M VGA says:

    A Tesla would smoke every single one!

  7. dwhollrah says:

    I came for the Mustangs

  8. John Grepo says:

    Buick GN, a Corvettes mortal enemy

  9. Reeves Holt says:

    am i the only one who noticed the 69 camaro smack the curb?

  10. heath sunday says:

    The 70s muscle cars will always be king! Will always be worth more money also. Today's cars don't have shit on 70s muscle.

  11. CandyLords says:

    Weak-ass clickbait. So many losers lack confidence in what they're doing, they have to steal from others. It's about time people start coming after people like you.

  12. 9.01, Camaro driver, what a dick.


  14. That second clip is definitely not a 66 GtO

  15. Claude Speed says:

    Honestly, i like all cars, I just hate the fanbase

  16. Old cars win but every car here looked fucking terrible with shitty non original paint or bad rims, come on dude show some nice stuff for once!

  17. Dave S. says:

    5:30 I was expecting Steve McQueen to show up in a green Mustang and chase it.

  18. I love american cars, unfortunately I live in Greece so I see this cars rarely… 🙁

  19. cypher te ve says:

    I LOVE muscle cars (🇪🇸)

  20. annie torney says:

    ᴡᴛғ 1:05 ɪs ᴀ ғᴜᴄᴋɪɴɢ ʜᴏʟᴅᴇɴ ᴍᴏɴᴀʀᴏ

  21. autoparts321 says:

    poorly made car comparison video, its more like a gallery of cars accelerating and engine sounds and looks, no discussion or racing or track comparison nothing. Pretty misleading title. Will thumb it down.

  22. Get that 2006 gto out of here that things a disgrace to the gto name

  23. Steviedee 73 says:

    Old school muscle 💯🏁

  24. Naru 'Sanav says:

    >Shows a Challenger


  25. Martin Rios says:

    This video trash only two mustangs in it

  26. Drake Roy says:

    7:40 surprised that mustang didn't run that guy over maybe not enough pedestrians

  27. PR H says:

    That 68 Charger is all original, but damn those factory hubcaps are God awful! It's like Dodge designers spent months on the body and engine, then like 8 hours before press release someone said, "Hey, Bob, did you finish the wheels yet?" And Bob's like "Uhhh….." "Damnit Bob! You had one job! What the f*CK are we gonna do now??” Bob, "How about the hubcaps off my Coronet??” "Alright, what the hell ever, go get 'em!" Also the guy in the '69 Camaro needs to sell it before he destroys it, cause he can't drive for shit. All the tire spinning looks cool, but if you're spinning, you ain't winning. 😎

  28. Brian null says:

    spam vs click vs bait

  29. My krabby patty will beat all of these without a doubt! #dual #deep #fryers

  30. CD Nairn says:

    WE ? SAY , GET !!! SUM …

  31. 68 Charger was SAWEEEEET!!!!!!

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