Ratty Muscle Cars – The House Of Muscle Ep. 8


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Remember when old cars were just, old? When a scratch in the paint or a door ding didn’t matter? Somewhere along the line people lost sight of that and …


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  1. License plate on a frame rail? Hope it's not structural. 30 year old tires?

  2. 01trsmar says:

    340's always had respect !

    Younger guys dont know how GM and Ford guys feared the 340 (along other Mopars)

    340 were 12 second to low 13 second 1/4 mile cars STOCK !

    Remember old recorded times were done on skinny tires and different test methods,all cars are quicker 0-60 and 1/4 mile than the test articles posted on the internet today are !

    Back in 1969 a magazine tested a highway gear 340 Barracuda,with skinny 185 – 14 inch tires bias ply..It ran high 13's with no traction they rejetted the carb and ran 13.13 …If it had tires of today its a mid 12 second car !!

    Another magazine tested a 440 Cuda skinny bias ply tires with zero traction it ran high 13's…They addded a 10 inch drag tire thats equal to a new radial tire a minivan has lol..It ran low 12's and still spun !

    I know 340 Darts,Cuda's,Challengers pre 72 would all run in the 12's !

  3. 01trsmar says:

    You still need money to buy and get a ratty muscle car going !

    That Cuda AAR is a $40,000 as it sits !!!

    No need to have the car dirty,clean the interior ,wash it and wax them…Make them look nice !

    I always had a pristine 68 Charger RT,but my daily car was a 240,000 mile original 69 Charger 383…It had rusty 1/4 panels,ripped seats and needed carpet,ripped drivers side (floor mat covered it) I washed it,waxed it and armor alled the dash door panels etc to keep it looking its best…

    I restored the car in the early 90's and drove it another 110,000 miles,then repaired what needed and still drive it !

  4. 01trsmar says:

    340's got loads of credit !!!

    Its just the last 15 years or so the younger guys took over I guess and dont know anything…Older guys who grew up with Muscle err…..Super Cars as they were known as know 340's run high 12's with only a carburetor change !

    Swap the cam/heads/intake low 12's or better !

    Magazine tested a new 340 Barracuda back in 1969…All they did was re jett the stock carb and they ran 13.13 in the 1/4 mile !!!! It also had 3.23's or 3.54's…Not 4.10's !!! So !

    340's along with all Mopar's

  5. 01trsmar says:

    I last drove my cars as daily drivers 12 months of the year in the early 2000's…

    I get the odd Snowfall where I am now,and I had my near mint 72 Challenger Rallye 340 (472.5 dyno'd hp) at the time…I snowed overnight side streets had snow,main roads cleared…I got stares and gasps by people as I drove by….One guy asked if I was a retard !!! LOL !

  6. 01trsmar says:

    I still wouldn't sit on the car,never did..Even when my cars needed paint etc..I treated them like Gold…

    I still got mad when a dolt put a door ding on my car that needed a restoration !!

  7. 01trsmar says:

    I used to buy cars like this,get them running/driving and polish them up..Replace the interior with other junkyard parts that looked like new..

    Clean them up,drive them…

  8. MrCWH5 says:

    I'm totally into this and am so happy about this movement of Ratty Muscle Cars !!!
    I like to see old iron on the road no matter what it looks like. I bought my childhood dream car 13 years ago, A 1969 Camaro RS/SS (clone) on ebay sight unseen except ebay pictures, They ended up being photo shopped and it was not as perfect as I thought when it arrived off the shipping truck, I was like ahh its not the show car I thought I was getting but now I can drive it and not be as concerned about rock chips and such, it was still a well done clone. I made an intake change, 2 camshafts, street slicks, carbs and whatnot.
    About 8 years ago a micro burst picked up, spun and dropped the canvas carport it was parked under and gauged the soso paint all over, I was 42 at the time with a wife, two kids a mortgage and always at work, I was devastated and didn't have the funds or time to bring it back. I did some filling, sanding and primer on the damaged areas. I drove it here and there but less and less as I felt embarrassed when pulling up to the gas station, 7-11 or whatever. So it ended up mostly sitting for 7 years with me talking to it daily saying one day ill have you back on the road, mind you there was nothing wrong with it besides the way it looked. So it sat semi neglected with some rust now popping out of the rockers and lower doors and nice patinaed primer, sanded and some shiny paint.
    I watched an episode of Ratty Muscle Cars and said holly shit, there's lots of people out there like me with not perfect old iron driving on the road (unlike me). This inspired me to get my shit back on the road for me to enjoy and dammed what anyone else thought about it. I installed a new clutch and drove it all summer, weather permitting and put more miles on it in 4 months then I had over the last 13 years. Getting thumbs up everywhere, people talking to me at the gas station or anywhere I park it, Including the weekend car shows I would go to parking my car on the outskirts with members stopping me while looking at their rides and asking… hay did you drive that Camaro that's parked way out there? why don't you pull it in here where it belongs !!!
    Its been the best damn summer for me and my ride and I have helped 3 other friends get their junk back on the road. I'm looking forward to driving through the fall until the snow drops and hopefully making the long trip to the next #NoShineShitList event in the spring P. Get that ratty old iron back on the road where it belongs !!! (sorry this ended up way more long winded then intended 🙂 )

  9. cee dee says:

    I love my ratty 1969 Z28

  10. Jonny Smith says:

    This is a great film. Good work guys. Makes me want to dust off my Charger!

  11. Life goals, right here. I wish I had a group like this. My biggest issue is a pretty horrible schedule, though. Trying to get a better work schedule so I can finally start hanging out with the people I know.

  12. Some of the most fun I've ever had was in ratty muscle cars.

  13. Centerline champ 500s, my dad's got some on his 66 gt350h. Love them

  14. This is a great thing!!!especially for people who don't have 40 to 100 grand to throw out there on their dream car , and not drive it.. I am the same way and as long as it's "safe" why not it's cool !!! Great job!!!!

  15. kain hall says:

    this makes me feel a lot better about my 68 "rust-pala"

    its got a slightly hopped up 400 SBC in place of the original 327………its a burn out machine
    (i have a shitty video on my channel)

    but its 3 different colors, lots of rust, a big ass dent in the rear quarter…..just hammered.

    its my late aunts favorite car….a drunk hit her (which is why the rear quarter is dented) and she stopped driving it
    some how i know she smiles every time i do a burn out……or piss off the cops……

    my aunt was a fucking bad ass speed demon

  16. Yeah ratty cars are a little less stressful to drive so I guess you could say there more fun, hey you guys check out my ratty 70 chevy Nova on my channel Atomic Speed Garage I'd appreciate any comments.

  17. Austin gets it….age doesn't matter if it's ratty

  18. Tuck3r says:

    I'm totally down with driving them as-is but I'm not down with beating on them or subjecting them to winter road salt.

  19. It's funny how there's a Mazda Miata (4 cylinder)

  20. this guy seriously think a big block cant beat his 340? come on!

  21. Wayne B says:

    Someone flew to Alabama? Hory shet.

  22. racer89gt says:

    What a fun episode, let's ride!

  23. tommy payne says:

    If the cross road's wide , let her slide

  24. Be nice to have cars like that over here in England but cars like that 'Cuda in it's current state wouldn't get through the M.O.T here

  25. mannaxc says:

    Fav episode yet! Love ratty cars!!!!

  26. Xuan says:

    The best episode so far 👍🏽 great car 👌🏽

  27. Charles Pack says:

    Damn shame to see them all rusty, 10-15 yrs and these cars will be gone forever

  28. Ion Racer says:

    All I ever drove was rag tag rods, best cars ever

  29. "drug out of the weeds" he just invented a new word.

  30. KoG GoK says:

    slow rusty pile of shit who the fuck is he racing? people in hondas and toyotas?

  31. Your show and Austin are full of shit .He is not fooling anyone one little bit.People will do anything to get on TV. You and I know that he is going to restore that car. I don't want to hear that bull shit about being poor.That guy don't know shit about being poor. I was poor seventeen years old living at home with our running water or indoor plumbing eating government cheese powder eggs and powder milk that is poor. I have worked my ass my whole life just trying to get a better life. I have come a long way I live in a nice house. I have worked with depression anxiety stress back trouble a partial amputated left thumb. Then when I turned fifty I had open heart surgery and about seven years later I started having seizures. I had to retire a the young age of fiftyfive. I would love so badly to be able to get on TV and show them my 1984 Camaro Z28 that I have owned for nineteen years and would so badly love to have someone help me to get it running great. I have tried and tried everything and every way to get one of those TV shows to help me out.But seeing that I am not rich they don't give a flying fuck. I don't have cable or satellite because I can't afford it. I do have a tablet and I pay fifteen dollars a month for my internet service.They can take all of their car shows and stick them up there rich mother fucking ass.Spike TV you and your rich ass car shows can kiss my white mans ass .

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