The 10 Fastest Modern Muscle Cars


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22 Replies to “The 10 Fastest Modern Muscle Cars”

  1. Cython says:

    who else doesnt get surprised seeing a Mustang cus u always aee them superrrr often

  2. Well Corvette and Viper are muscle but Ford GT is not…but where are Corvette and Viper???!!!

  3. Khmer Youth says:

    1. DODGE Challenger SRT Hellcat 820HP
    4. SHELBY GT500 662HP
    5. SHELBY GT350 610HP

  4. I like the look of the Equus Bass 770 more, but the performance of the SRT Hellcat is awesome. So those two combined, and you have my dream car!

  5. Who came here from transformers 1? (bumblebee)

  6. i think you really forget the saleen s281

  7. i am a hat says:

    is a charger really a muscle car?

  8. Jeff Wood says:

    my grandpa hates mustangs he has a 2017 camaro ss

  9. The 2018 Gt500 mustang is😣 ….. I think I spermed 👀

  10. hold up hold up hell cat in the number one position ladies and gentlemen I would like you to type in worlds greatest drag race and see how well the hell cat performs then come tell me the hell cat belongs at number one and the last I checked the comarro ZR1 and viper are muscle cars

  11. albert lynn says:

    hellcat eats vettes an shit out Camaros,,,lol

  12. Quit bringing up corvettes as a muscle car. They are called America's "sports car". Completely different class of performance. And the definition of a muscle car was given in the first muscle car era. A V8 2 door sedan with at least for seats. I wanna see you cram 4 to 5 people in a stingray.

  13. When I was Living In Eureka Kansas I purchased a 1965 Corvette Convertible it was equipped with a 283 Cubic Inch V-8 engine , When I was living in Doha Qatar I had a 1963 Corvette Convertible it was Equipped with a 350 Cubic Inch and could do 285 Kilometer per hour, it was a fast son-of-a -Bitch

  14. Braden Tant says:

    The camaro exorcist has a known 1000+ horsepower

  15. Smitty says:

    Wheres the 750hp+ GT500 Super Snake or the Shelby 1000 with 1000hp nobody ever recognizes them!!!

  16. desert fox says:

    my grandpa own's a water buffalo sled

  17. Rirrys says:

    the charger is faster than the challenger btw even though the charger is a sedan

  18. I've got the hellcat and gotta say I can't imagine having anything else

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