The 5 Affordable Muscle Cars You Must Buy Right Now — AFTER/DRIVE


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Muscle cars aren’t just for billionaire grandpas rocking Hemi ‘Cudas. Mike Musto, host of /DRIVE’s BIG MUSCLE lets us in on a few secrets to enjoying …


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  1. Notten not says:

    Partrige family hair..bona

  2. '71 nova w/ 307 power pack heads and Holly 600 ran pretty great…. super quick /nimble w/ turbo350 tranny. 0-60 in first, 100 in second and probably would peak near 130 with everything optimal. Wanted to float though so never took it over 120. 20mpg. Love to have it again but that an my 350 vega build long gone now.

  3. Bob Fox says:

    Most of these. Not muscle cars. Fucking idiots.

  4. timeroller says:

    Buick wild cat, mercury cyclone, Oldsmobile cutlass, Chevy Monte Carlo I got more cheap muscle cars to list theirs plenty if you want to get into muscle cars theirs so many more options than you think

  5. Would like to have watched it but didn't care for the small talk.

  6. Brian B says:

    Wife swapping plumbers from the upper mid west?????Most New Yorkers that i have met are arrogant asswholes with big mouths that think because they live in New York they’re something special. Go take a shit in your hat .

  7. Crimson Idol says:

    Dude! You americans dont even know how lucky you are! a couger for 15 grand in great condition???? Over here in europe you'll pay 35 grand!

  8. What kind of hemi cuda would cost 2 million? If buy a 918 for 1.8 million.

  9. Is that not Curtis painter?

  10. Gruff Dan says:

    I've got a few cars you guys missed a 1978 (1983) Monte Carlo SS Turbo before the T-Type and GN. Another rare one is the Cutlass with t-tops, a manual and a 301 V8. Let's not forget the Yellowbird the Bluebird and the Camaro Berlinetta….

  11. ok says:

    1988 Monte Carlo ss

  12. ok says:


  13. I'm 13 and I've seen Smokey and the Bandit

  14. i have a 4 door chevelle 69. trying to sell it

  15. Sean Nicol says:

    I love the late 60s early 70s Buick Skylark

  16. dyer2cycle says:

    Most of these cars are already expensive(Regal GNX, GN, T-Type, the Trans Ams), or actually quite hard to find('67-'69 Barracuda, '65-'67 Nova). True affordable ones would be: '68-'79 Nova, '79-'86 Mustang notchback, mid-late '70's Aspen and Volare, '78-'87 Monte Carlo, ''78-'87 Olds Cutlass. Not true muscle cars, but they are still obtainable, relatively light, most importantly, rear-wheel drive and simple, and you can make them into whatever you want them to be. I personally have a soft spot for the '75-'79 Nova.

  17. Bruting Egg says:

    Me and my dad payed 800$ for a 65 mustang put new starter cranked right up

  18. trans am 1977 to 1981 bandit car $50k now for a nice one i have 1980 400 hp 4 speed beautiful car all you need to do is turf the factory junk motor build a nice stroker motor

  19. Paul Garcia says:

    What about the Rivieras ?

  20. jawn1977jaws says:

    So… F.Y.I. , the 1968 Barracuda is 192 inches long , or right at 16 feet long…or , put another way, noticeably shorter looking than the '68 Chargers , which were a full 208 inches, or 17 .3 feet long .

  21. ls2 ftw says:

    yeah your definitely not going to find a 77-81 trans am in perfect condition for 15k in 2017 lol i have seen some really bad one with really high miles for around that they usually go for 25k and up depending on condition those cars just really sky rocketed within the last couple years

  22. how do you guys feel about 66 tbirds? great design? sought after plane intorior ?

  23. "a mercury cougar is like… an executive mustang"
    "like your older brother's mustang"

    exactly this, great episode

  24. can we have a list of all the cars plz

  25. My dad bought a '68 Nova once for $10 back in the mid-80's. He worked at a gas station in queens at the time, and like it was said in the video, he bought quite a few cars for next to nothing. I really want to build a Muscle car with him.

  26. you forgot the ranchero and el camino.they made hot rod versions from the factory too.

  27. barracuda on a list of affordable cars…HAHAHAHAHA

  28. no one ever gives the four eye fox bodies any credit.

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