The best drag races of modern muscle cars-ZL1 vs Hellcat vs Shelby vs Boss 302 vs Mustang GT


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The bunch of modern muscle drag races,Zl1 vs Shelby GT500,Hellcat vs Shelby,Zl1 vs Mustang GT,Hellcat Charger vs ZL1,ZL1 vs Mustag Bos 302,Camaro vs …


32 Replies to “The best drag races of modern muscle cars-ZL1 vs Hellcat vs Shelby vs Boss 302 vs Mustang GT”

  1. Cary Nunez says:

    The new demon is gonna make all these cars look like v6 models lmao

  2. I have a Bagtii verony

  3. bbhbdb says:

    ahh  w888 gotta take out da theefe.  All depends on de drivr

  4. Hellcat drivers must love sleeping

  5. Bob V says:

    Where is this, high altitude??? Pretty slow times considering the quality of the cars isn't it

  6. Mustang Guru says:

    At 11:30 mustang driver did a very dangerous and rookie move

  7. lapulapu54 says:

    Dodge Drivers need some coffee or something , they are like my car payment ,……. always Late…….

  8. Nothing Cool Or Bad Ass as a Corvette, I don't give a shit what anyone/who or what said a VETTE"S A VETTE" no need to hold the brake too burn rubber if you have a STRONG CORVETTE C-5 Zo6 ……………………………….phill

  9. This "proves" only that the DRIVER makes all the difference!!
    Just watch the starting line…some cars left Sharply on the green while the other car was still in Park.
    Other cars — like the ZL-1 Camaro — are not Geared for Drag Racing, but for Road Racing! Run some smaller diameter slicks on that Camaro [to effectively raise the gear ratio] and see a big difference.
    If you are buying a car for "redlight to redlight" street racing or Drag racing of any kind…then gear it for that, or buy a different model car.
    If you buy a car for top speed, or sweeping curves on a race track, then buy a car designed for that, or change the gear ratios…
    "Performance" is defined different ways for different people..!! You can do all kinds of things to the engines and transmissions, to make them as "wide-range' as possible…but some of the "hard parts' like rear gears and transmission ratios have to be pre-determined…in almost every vehicle. 2-speed axle ratios and other "steps" from Drag mode to top end mode add extra weight, complexity, COST, and more things to fail or break under the Stresses of Extreme use…
    If you want your Bugatti to run 260MPH on an empty Arizona highway, then don't expect it to also hit 60mph in 2 seconds and run an 8.5 second 1/4 mile…. even if it costs $2.5 Million!

  10. jeffv2074 says:

    Drag racing, not a huge fan of it put these cars on a road course and test your skills and push the vehicles limits. Reaction time is the only skill, if you want to call it that, but the real skill is with the tuning and mechanics. I'm sorry lady's but drag racing is boring, been there done that.

  11. jeremybr2020 says:

    My friend has got a 2011 GT500 Shelby Super Snake. It is without a doubt the nicest mustang I have ever seen. It does 840 hp at the wheels. It is ridiculously fast.

  12. yemerican says:

    where the fuck is the race you sick fucks

  13. Billy Webb says:

    I gotta give a thumbs down. Sorry! I tuned in for a drag race rather than a concert. I couldn't appreciate the pure sounds of screaming engines and burning rubber from the distraction of radio.

  14. Jacob Cook says:

    Dispute lifestyle watch forest relationship proposed remove county.

  15. Anony Mouse says:

    I've never seen so many piss poor drivers in one place at the same time. What a horrible display.

  16. Artimus pyle says:

    I guess Ford really does stand for < first on race day> 😉

  17. BDGaming says:

    Every Mustang Owner here cant drive I swear they either couldnt shift smooth or doesnt know how to take off

  18. BDGaming says:

    Suprised Camaro didnt win vs mustang usually in short distances camaro wins

  19. american cars are full of shit the only way their ever have a chance of winning a drag race is being played on a video game now if you want the top best sport cars then here they are

  20. John P says:


  21. eloyex says:

    hellcat is a hard bone to chew …………!!

  22. btv says:

    zl1's are junk for what they cost

  23. cnnoaccess says:

    Burnout makes the tracks more slippy, why can't these drivers realize this

  24. Luke Kersey says:

    Jeez Lambo driver couldn't drive either.

  25. Luke Kersey says:

    I caught a glimpse of the Roush S3 driver before the Roush S3 vs Hellcat race and realized it was a woman. I thought "Oh, well, let's see what she's got" and she was a fucking embarrassment to Mustangs. Especially Stage 3's! My god that was such a one-sided race on paper but she can't drive for shit. I own an '06 GT with a CAI, LT headers, a Bama tune, and shelby racing tires. My car is faster than this STAGE 3 ROUSH. Embarrassment.

  26. foilhat71 says:

    Someone please put a good driver in that charger.

  27. Jose Valadez says:

    I cringed at the Gallardo vs the Camaro SS. How in the fuck was it that close? You shouldn't own a car that fast if you're going to do a 1/4 mile in more than 13 secs. SMH

  28. lol that zl1 is an automatic, very muscle car!

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